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Guest House Inter-Stop

Guest House INTER-STOP is located on the main street of Ruda Slaska, 1-go Maja (Halemba). Directions to the A4 motorway in just 2 minutes!

INTER-STOP "offers accommodation of high standard internationally. Each room has a bathroom with shower, toilet, fridge, kettle, satellite TV and radio equipment and Internet access.
Apartments for families with children; accepted payment kat: Visa, MasterCard. Parking lots and garages for guests.
Within 200 m - 3 restaurants.

Currently, We offer 22 beds. Rooms are 1, 2, 3 - personal.
Children from 4 to 14 years: night with breakfast 50 zł, without breakfast 30 zł,
Room for staff price per person from 50 zł.
Children aged up to 4 years old - free of charge (no separate beds)
DISCOUNTS over 3 days
Ability to negotiate prices
The hotel welcomes guests with pets - retaliation 20 PLN / day.

The hotel reserves the right to change prices. All prices include VAT

For further information I give the Hotel Reception.


Chłopska 1
41-706 Ruda Śląska
Ruda Śląska
w mieście
Informacje ogólne
: pokoje gościnne i kwatery prywatne
: 32 344 78 90
: 781 288 523
Miejsca noclegowe
: 270
: 120
: 22
Sala konferencyjna
: Tak
: whole year

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Ruda Śląska
The church of Our Lady of the Rosary in Ruda Śląska Halemba was built between 1889 and 1890. This simple Eclectic structure was built with parishioners’ money on the plot donated by Count Hugo von Donnersmarck. The church houses among others a chalice donated by President Lech Kaczynski and an etraordinary monstrance made from coal.
Ruda Śląska
The manor house, sometimes called the palace, is located in Halemba, the southernmost district of Ruda Śląska. It was built by the then owners of these lands, Counts von Donnersmarck, in the mideighteenth century. At that time, a steel mill with one of the first blast furnace was operating in the village of Halemba, which lay on the border with the state of Pszczyna. The manor was erected on a rectangular plan and covered with a mansard roof. It was the residence of the counts during their stay in the village, and now, it houses the city library.
Ruda Śląska
The origins of the church in Wirek are quite remarkable. The first chapel of Saint Lawrence was built in the mid-nineteenth century to serve the prisoners of the local prison. The present church of Saints Anthony and Lawrence was built in 1907-1909. This brick, three-nave basilica refers to both Gothic and Romanesque architecture. The mighty westwork with a tower in the middle is particularly impressive.
Ruda Śląska
The „Ficinus” workers’ settlement in Wirek, a district of Ruda Śląska, is probably not so knowm and impressive as Giszowiec or Nikiszowiec in Katowice, but it has its own style and extraordinary features. The houses lining Pawła St were built in 1860s not of brick, but of sandstone extraxted from the Slesian quarries. The Miners working in the nearby  mine Gottessegen, which means God’s Blessing, lived in these houses.
Ruda Śląska
The historic brick headframe „Andrzej" rises in Wirek, a district of Ruda Śląska. It was built in the 1870s. Its original name was "Aschenborn". It was part of the coal mine "Gottessegen" ("Blessing of God"), and operated until 1969. It is a rare, four-sided structure. It is topped with crenellation, resembling medieval defensive bastions.
Ruda Śląska
A small hill fort in the shape of a cone located in Kochlowice (a district of Ruda Śląska), is one of the mysterious traces of the past in this part of Upper Silesia. The remains of the hill fort lie at the confluence of the small Kochłówka rivers and the Przykopa stream. According to archaeologists, from the thirteenth to the fifteenth century there were wooden buildings here. It is possible that the site was the seat of a certain knight or a watchtower on the border of the Silesian principalities.
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Silesian Tastes Culinary Trail
Coal mine Shaft Maciej is a complex of buildings of the former coal mine "Concordia", which is situated in the district... więcej>>
It is a family confectionery that was founded in early 1990s.
Kuchnia Otwarta Restaurant specializes in a traditional Polish cuisine, and all the dishes served are based exclusively ... więcej>>
Ruda Śląska
Florianka Villa has rooms, suites, a restaurant with Polish cuisine.
Located in the district Smilovice (7 km from the city center) on the road No 44 leading from Mikołów to Gliwice.
Apart-Lux zlokalizowany jest w ścisłym centrum Bytomia – między Rynkiem a Placem Kościuszki.
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Ruda Śląska
The restaurant organizes banquets, receptions, training courses and conferences.
The restaurant is located in Park Shooting, organizing events, has 3 rooms for 250 persons, and guest rooms (30 beds).
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