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The Old District Office (Starostwo) in Bytom

The Upper Silesian Museum in Bytom operates in two buildings: a modernist one, from the interwar period, and an older one, built in the historicist style that emerged in the late nineteenth century. The latter was originally the seat of the District Office. Nowadays, concerts are held in the most representative hall of the District Office, which is decorated with stucco and colorful stained-glass windows. The concerts attract music lovers from all over Silesia.

street Korfantego 34
41-902 Bytom
Upper Silesian Agglomeration
in the city/town
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: 32 281 97 33
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: architectural monuments
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: admission free
: whole year
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The Upper Silesian Museum in Bytom continues the traditions of the local museum. It was founded in the early twentieth century by members of the Historical and Museum Society of Bytom (Beuthener Geschichtsund Museumsverein). The museum has numerous exhibits in its collections which comprise archeology, ethnography, history, art, history and nature. Exhibitions can be seen in the modernist building at Sobieskiego Street and in the neo-Gothic building of the former District Office at Korfantego Street.
The St Hyacinth Church in the district of Rozbrak in Bytom was built between 1908 and 1911. It was erected near the former chapel, which was dedicated to this holy monk. The neo-Romanesque church was modeled somewhat on the cathedral in German Limburg. The facades were built of sandstone slabs. The church is a three-nave basilica with two 57-meter tall towers on either side of the facade. There is is a crypt of Saint Joseph underground.
The Cellars of the Gorywoda family are the oldest surviving traces of medieval Bytom. We can find them under the modern shopping pavilion at the corner of the Market Square and Strażacka Street. There is now a popular restaurant in the cellars. Visitors to the restaurant can touch the thirteenth-century walls, made of dolomite slabs and pass under the Gothic portals. Until the middle of the last century, a baroque house of the Gorywodas stood over the cellars.
Bytom is one of the oldest cities in Silesia, which is reflected in its urban layout rooted in medieval times. The market square is the center from whose corners the streets run out. Remnants of the old fortification are the names of streets - Murarska (Mansonry) and Wałowa (Earthwork). The development of the city in the nineteenth century and the destruction of the last century meant that most of the current buildings in the center were erected in the Art Nouveau and neo-historicist styles.
The oldest parish in Bytom is that of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The first Gothic church was built here as early as 1230. Only a few remnants of that church have been preserved to our times. The present building is the result of numerous reconstructions for instance, the characteristic brick superstructure of the tower dates from the second half of the nineteenth century. Inside the church we can admire Gothic vaultings, Baroque altars and a beautiful icon of Our Lady of Bytom.
The present church of the Holy Spirit in Bytom was built in the early eighteenth century, but the first, wooden chapel stood in this place probably already at the turn of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. For centuries, the temple belonged to the Order of the Holy Sepulchre, which had a hospital in the vicinity. The building was erected on an octagonal plan, harking back to the chapel of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The edifice and its interior are a beautiful example of the Baroque style.
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