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Zielone Niwy

The "Zielone Niwy" farm is located in a forest landscape park on the Upper Liswarta River, surrounded by pine forests. You can relax close to nature, watch wild birds and beavers, ride a horse, take part in workshops and educational activities. Animals: huculs - Lokata and Passja, haflinger Pinezka, Rabbit and his relatives and friends, as well as husky dogs - Dora and Carbon help in the implementation of the classes.

Educational programs implemented on the farm:
1. Garden on a plate - classes regarding products obtained on the farm, their properties and role in nutrition.
- Use of agricultural products, waste management, composter.
- Seasonal product versus products available in supermarkets.
- Vegetables and fruit straight from the garden - taste, health, availability compared to
"long-term" products.
- Seasonal products in home cooking, preserves, regional cuisine, preparation of healthy dishes from seasonal products.
- Reading labels.
- Pickling, pickling (e.g. cabbage in a barrel), joint grilling at the request of the group,
baking potatoes etc.

Duration of classes: 2.5-3 hours
Target group: children, young people, adults;
Group size: min. 10 max. 25 people

2. Hipo-hop - The role of animals in human life and the environment, with particular emphasis on horses. Interactions between humans, animals and plants.
- basic information on horse nutrition and care as well as feeding and cleaning the horse (possibility of personal participation);
- the importance of movement for human health and physical activity,
- therapeutic effect of horse riding on the rehabilitation of psychomotor disorders,
- the world seen through the eyes of a horse, horse recreation and hippotherapy.

Duration of classes: 2.5-3 hours
Target group: children, young people, adults;
Group size: min. 5 max. 15 people

Additional program: What squeaks in the grass, what does the forest say?
- educational walk in the surrounding meadows, fields and forests;
- meadow and forest as an ecosystem; fauna and flora of meadows, fields and forests;
- dependencies in nature - food chain;
- recognition of basic species of trees and field flowers and their use in households and in natural medicine and cosmetics.

ulica Niwy 4
42-283 Niwy
Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska, Region Lubliniecko-Kłobucki
na wsi
Informacje ogólne
: zagroda edukacyjna
: +48 32 3579684

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The Rajchowa Góra Reserve, located in the picturesque commune of Boronów, is one of a few wildlife reserves located in the Nature Park of the Upper Liswarta Forests. The area under protection covers 8.2 ha. The reserve was created in 1959 to protect the local forest communities. According to local tradition the name of the reserve is associated with a hermit named Rajch, who once lived in the neighbouring forests.
The Bogland of Korzonek is a special protected area of natural habitats located to the south-west of Częstochowa, as part of the Landscape Park “Forests on the Upper Listwarna”. It was nominated by the Polish government to title “Natura 2000”. The bogland is surrounded by a large pine forest complex, where raised peat bogs and swamps, as well as nearby swamp forests, rich in rare plants and protected animals.
The village of Boronów is the seat of the commune. It is situated a few kilometers to the east of Lubliniec. The local Church of Our Lady Queen of the Holy Rosary was built by the Dzierżanowski family in the early seventeenth century. For a time, due to the special historical values, it was a monument of class "0". The church is one of the monuments on the Wooden Architecture Trail of the Silesia province.
There are two important monuments in Lubsza, which is otherwise one of the oldest settlements of Upper Silesia. One is an eighteenth-century house in which Józef Lompa lived, the other - a school established by him in 1820. Lompa lived in Lubsza since moving in here with his first wife in 1819. He worked as an organist and teacher. He also began on a wider scale his social, writing, translation and ethnographic activities. In 1851, as a result of the harassment by the Prussian authorities, he left the village.
In Lubsza (near Woźnik) there is an interesting Church of Saint James the Elder Apostle. Its history dates back to the turn of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. However, after several alternations the church has lost, in large part, the original Gothic-Renaissance style. Inside the shrine there are Baroque altars and a baptistery. Besides, in Lubsza it is worthwhile to stop at the old school where Józef Lompa was a teacher.
In the lands of Lubliniec county, in Wozniki commune, and not far from the villages of Psary and Lubsza, there is a hill shrouded in legends, called Mount Grojec. The varied terrain and picturesque landscape, accompanied by vantage points, make Mount Grojec a tourist destination for a very nice and relatively short trip. A nature reserve established here in 1996 protects the forest complex stretching on the slopes of the mountain.
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