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The Historic Urban Layout of Mikołów

Mikołów is among the oldest settlements in Upper Silesia. The first mention dates from the thirteenth century. The settlement was founded in the Middle Ages, but its municipal rights date back to the sixteenth century. The historic urban layout includes a four-sided, elongated market and an irregular network of streets. Here we can see, among others, historic churches, a neo-Renaissance town hall and houses from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Upper Silesian Agglomeration
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The Church of Our Lady of the Snows in Mikołów is the oldest church in this historic town. The exact date of its construction is unknown, but its late Gothic style seems to indicate the end of the Middle Ages.Until the mid-nineteenth century the church remained the seat of the parish, whose patron was saint Adalbert, bishop and martyr. After the construction of the new parish church in Mikołów the old one was converted into a branch church under the new patroness.
Saint Adalbert is the patron saint of Mikołów. The parish of this martyr has existed in the town since the Middle Ages. The present parish church has the rank of a minor basilica, and was built in the mid-nineteenth century. It replaced a small shrine, preserved until today. The most magnificent church in Mikołów church was erected on a rectangular plan, in the neo-Romanesque style. Above the main entrance we can see find images of the blessed priests - Emil Szramek and Stanislaw Kubista.
Mikołów is an industrial Silesian town with a spectacular market square and numerous monuments. The so-called “Biały Domek” (White House), an impressive villa at Karola Miarki Street is among the most interesting monuments. It was built by Heinrich Koetz, a local entrepreneur, the owner of the machinery factory, n the second half of the nineteenth century. The building houses the magistrates and is the seat of the Municipal Museum with interesting collections.
The history of the Protestant parish in Mikołów goes back to the second half of the sixteenth century. After the wave of the Reformation, the Counter-Reformation came to Silesia, which was not conducive to the construction of Evangelical churches. Eventually, the church was built in the early 60s of the nineteenth century. The neo-Gothic building was the culmination of the efforts of the Lutherans from Mikołów, who in the previous years had gathered in a rented room in the local pharmacy.
For centuries Mikołów, one of the oldest towns in Upper Silesia, had a multicultural face. The Jewish community, which was present here for about 300 years, played a significant role in the town’s history. At the end of the seventeenth century, they founded the first Jewish cemetery, which has survived to this day. The new cemetery is situated between the streets of Stara Droga and Konstytucji 3 Maja. There are about 200 tombstones preserved in the cemetery, the oldest of which date from the first half of the eighteenth century.
Wyry is a village located in the picturesque forest area in the region of the Pless Forest. The area was the scene of a lesser-known battle during the 1939 Defensive War. The three-day-long events that took place after the German invasion on Poland are referred to by historians as the Wyry Battle. Here, we can visit, among others, the combat shelter „Sowiniec", which houses an exhibition presenting those events. There is also a monument to the Soldiers of September 1939.
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