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Ośrodek Wypoczynkowy „Czechowice” i „Stajnia nad Jeziorem” w Gliwicach

The Recreation Center "Czechowice" is one of the favorite summer destinations for inhabitants of Gliwice. The attraction is a picturesque lake with a lifeguarded swimming bath. Next to it, there is a campsite, a water sports equipment rental shop, playing fields, and playgrounds. Horse riding fans can benefit from the equestrian club "Stajnia nad Jeziorem (Stable on the Lake)," which offers horse riding lessons for children and adults, sports training, riding in terrain, and hippotherapy classes. There are stables for horses operating in the Center.

street Ziemięcicka 62
44-109 Gliwice
Upper Silesian Agglomeration
by the water, in the city/town
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: 32 238 88 70
: 32 238 88 70
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: horse riding
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: Price list on the Website.
: whole year
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Zapraszamy na audiowycieczkę po Gliwicach!
Zapraszamy na audiowycieczkę po Gliwicach!
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Horse riding fans in Gliwice can benefit from a few clubs and equestrian centers. Noteworthy is the Riding Club "Fart” in the district of Łabędy. It offers riding lessons at all levels under the supervision of the qualified instructors. The location of the club near the Łabędzki Forest also encourages recreational rides. The centre also runs a boarding house for horses.
Kanał Gliwicki został wybudowany w latach 1934-1939, aby połączyć Śląsk z Odrą oraz portami Europy. Ma 40 km długości, a pokonanie ponad 43 m różnicy poziomów pomiędzy Gliwicami i Odrą w Kędzierzynie-Koźlu jest możliwe dzięki 6 śluzom, w których wysokość podnoszenia wynosi od 4 do ponad 10 m.
The Jewish cemetery in Pyskowice is located on the voivodeship road 901, leading from Pyskowice towards Gliwice. It was founded in the first half of the nineteenth century, and the last burial took place there shortly after the First World War. There are about 150 tombstones preserved on the cemetery. In 1988, a monument dedicated to the Jews who were shot by the Germans during the Second World War was erected on the site. The cemetery became unfortunately much neglected in recent times.
The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Gliwice Łabędy was built in the fifteenth century, but its present appearance is mainly the result of the reconstruction carried out in the second decade of the eighteenth century. The construction of the church was financed from the foundation of the family of the Counts von Welczek, the then owners of the Łabędy estate. Both the building itself and its interior have the characteristics of the Baroque style. The nearby Classicist funerary chapel of the family is worth attention.
The Gliwice Canal connects Upper Silesian industrial cities with the Oder. This waterway is a little over 40 km long, and on average about 3.5 m deep. The difference in height in water levels between between the ports in Gliwice and Koźle is 44 m. The construction of the canal started in 1934 and was completed in 1939. The Gliwice Canal was then the most modern waterway in Europe. Today, it plays an increasingly important role as a tourist attraction.
One of the most monumental buildings in Gliwice stands at 2 Prymasa Stefana Wyszyńskiego Street. It is the Voivodeship Administrative Court building, which was erected in the early 1920s, as the seat of the estate management of Count Ballestrem. This magnificent building was designed in the neo-Baroque style by Hans von Poellnitz, who had previously worked for the Ballestrems.
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