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The Wooden Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Szałsza

The church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Szałsza near Gliwice was built around the mid-seventeenth century. However, the first shrine in this place stood already in the fifteenth century. The nave and the chancel of the existing church were erected as a log cabin construction, and the tower erected using a post and beam method. The whole building is covered with shingles. The turret with a bell-shaped helmet rises above the roof. The greatest treasure can be found inside the church. It is a Gothic painting of the Madonna and Child surrounded by the Apostles.

street Kościelna
42-677 Szałsza
Upper Silesian Agglomeration
in the country
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In the village of Szałsza, near Gliwice, there are two interesting historic buildings: one is the seventeenth-century wooden church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary; the other is the palace of von Groeling, which is adjacent to the church. The palace was built in the nineteenth century. It was constructed, making use of an older eighteenth-century building. Today, we can admire a nice example of a neo-Gothic palace, which refers to the Tudor style. The palace now remains in private hands.
For several years now, horse and horseback riding lovers have been pursuing their passions in the Equestrian Club "Nowy Dwór" in Szałsza. Horsemen are attracted here by a quiet and charming location of the center - amid fields and forests, close to the park with old oaks trees. Nearby, there are also a historic, nineteenth-century, neo-Gothic palace of von Groeling and a wooden church dedicated to Our Lady, which was erected at the turn of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The undeniable advantage of the club is its beautiful, gentle and well broken-in horses.
"The wooden transmitting tower of the radio station in Gliwice is a marvel of engineering and prewar thought and the testimony of its builders’ courage. With a height of 111 m, it now occupies the first place on the list of the world's tallest structures, built entirely of wood. It was built in 1935 within the premises of the newly created broadcasting station at Tarnogórska Street. On August 31, 1939, the building was the scene of a provocation carried out by officers of the Nazi SS, known in historiography as the “Gleiwitz incident”."
Shaft "Maciej" is a complex of buildings of the former coal mine “Concordia” (later “Pstrowski”) situated in Maciejów, a district of Zabrze. Coal was already mined in this region in the first half of the nineteenth century. The history of the shaft dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century, when in the area of the mine "Concordia” the tenth shaft called the "Westschacht" was dug out. After 1945, it was renamed "Maciej". The complex had been operating until the parent mine was shut down. Today, we can visit a headframe, from which we can admire the panorama of the urrounding areas, buildings of the shaft top, a hoisting machine and a drinking water intake.
In Ziemięcice, a small village located between Gliwice and Pyskowice there are ruins of the fifteenth-century church of Saint Hedwig of Silesia. Originally, the building housed only a presbytery, but in the subsequent centuries a nave and a tower were added to it. The church was deserted at the beginning of the last century, and part of its equipment was moved to the new building, which was erected in the vicinity..
The manor house in Mikulczyce, also called the New Manor, is presently closed to the public and, unfortunately, now, heavily vandalized. The building, dating from the late eighteenth century, was erected when the local property owners were Barons Doleczkowie. For quite a long time, from 1830 until the Second World War, the mansion itself together with the farm homestead was in the hands of the powerful Silesian family of von Donnersmarck.
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Coal mine shaft Maciej is a complex of buildings of the former coal mine "Concordia", which is situated in the district of Zabrze - Maciejów. The interiors refer to the trends of post-industrial buildings. Here you can try an excellent meal and feel the unique atmosphere of this place.
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