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The Church of St Anthony of Padua in Chorzów

The Church of Saint Anthony of Padua in Chorzów is one of the finest examples of Modernist architecture in Silesia. The church was erected between 1931 and 1934 according to the plans of Adam Ballenstedt, an architect from Poznań. The building was built of brick, on a rectangular plan, next to the free standing tower. Inside the church, an interesting altar, stained glass windows, as well as an unusual ceiling are worth seeing.

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41-500 Chorzów
Upper Silesian Agglomeration
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: 32 241-33-29
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The building of the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Fourth Secondary Comprehensive School, located at Henryk Dąbrowski Street in Chorzów, was built at the beginning of the last century, as the seat of the oldest high school in the young town of Królewska Huta. The building was erected in the Eclectic style, with red brick and stone elements. After the Second World War, it was a girls’ school, and in 1963, it was changed into a coeducational secondary school.
The modernist building located at 36 Dąbrowski Street in Chorzów, which houses the premises of the Academic Comprehensive Secondary Schools, was erected between 1931 and 1932. At that time, a co-educational gymnasium named after Joseph von Eichendorff was opened in Królewska Huta. The Academic Comprehensive Secondary Schools appeal to the pre-war tradition of the gymnasium at Odrowąż Street, which, in turn, which in turn is the heir of the school dating back to 1867.
The Church of Martin Luther in Chorzów is one of the two Protestant churches in the city (the other one is the church of Elisabeth). The building was erected in the late nineteenth century. The first Protestant church services were held in Chorzów (starting from 1801 on) in the meeting hall of the building of the then office of the steelworks, and afterwards, (between 1804 and 1844) in the prayer hall, which had been prepared in the newly built school. In 1825, the cemetery was established. It was initially shared by both Protestants and Catholics.
The Museum in Chorzów is located in a nineteenth-century building in the center of the city, at 25 Powstańców Street. The museum conducts very diverse activities. Not only does it specialize in collecting coins and medals, but it also has sections on the history and ethnography of Silesia (with a particular emphasis on Chorzów) and a collection of contemporary art devoted to industrial themes. The Museum is also involved in publishing and education
At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the 38- meter tall building of the Municipal Savings Bank is not as impressive as it was at the time of its construction. In 1937, it was, in fact, the second tallest "skyscraper" in Silesia. Chorzów was only surpassed by Katowice. Katowice. Yet, after the last renovation, the skyscraper epitomizes all the best in the Polish modernist architecture of the interwar period.
What is "Wolka"? It is a diminutive and caressing name of Wolności Street (Liberty Street) in Chorzów – It is the most important promenade in the city. It was laid out in the mid-nineteenth century, as an access road to the main railroad station of Królewska Huta. Later, elegant houses of rich burghers and public institutions were built along the street. . We have here an overview of different architectural styles, from Eclecticism, through Secession, to interwar Modernism.
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"By the Bell" is the oldest restaurant Chorzów, has existed since 1897.
The restaurant allows you to rent the hall for various special events such as birthdays, christenings, communions, weddings, funeral.
The restaurant was established in 1996 from the ruins of an old house, which still remembers the times of World War II.
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