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Natura Residence **** Business & SPA Hotel

Natura Residence **** Business & SPA Hotel is located in Siewierz, its location allows for quick communication on the routes: Katowice-Warszawa A1 and quick access to the 10 km airport in Katowice-Pyrzowice. The hotel offers SPA services. Roman mythology says that the goddess of beauty and love Venus was born of sea foam. So water has always been the beginning, the main ingredient and element that cares about the good and true beauty of each of us.
After a busy day, you can relax in the beautifully arranged Natura Waters spa with a modern swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna complex with a view of the forest and the lake, and a wide range of care treatments. A visit to the hotel spa frees the mind from the madding thoughts and the body has soothing relaxation. It is an optimal place for relaxation and vitality.
The picturesque location of the hotel in the forest, above the tributary of the Przeczyce reservoir, guarantees peace, quietness and relaxation. The area abounds in rich flora and fauna, which is an unusual tourist attraction. There is a favorable microclimate between the forests and again.

Thanks to these advantages, the hotel is an ideal place to organize both training, business meetings and weekend rest.


street Sucha 4
42-470 Siewierz
Kraków-Częstochowa Jura
in the forest
General Information
: day spa, spa
: microclimate
Contact data
: +48 32 674 13 95-96
: +48 32 678 15 60
: whole year

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City audio tours
Zapraszamy na audiowycieczkę po Siewierzu!
Zapraszamy na audiowycieczkę po Siewierzu!
Zapraszamy na audiowycieczkę po zamku w Siewierzu!
Zapraszamy na przygotowaną specjalnie dla dzieci audiowycieczkę po zamku w Siewierzu!
Oberża Złota Gęś – tradycyjne specjały z Siewierza (żołądki z gęsi, wątróbki gęsie, gęś pieczona w piecu chlebowym, kaczka pieczona, żurek siewierski oraz borówka/brusznica, chleby, domowe wypieki i wędliny).
Siewierz is one of the oldest Polish towns, as evidenced, inter alia, by the preserved Romanesque church of Saint John the Baptist The settlement was founded probably in the 11th century, but the town at its present site was established after 1276, when it received town privileges. To The medieval urban layout with a central market square and streets running out of its corners has been preserved till present-day.
The church of Saint John the Baptist in Siewierz is one of the oldest in Poland. It may have been built before 1144. Its walls made of slabs, small size, The modest, small building devoid of decoration, whose walls are made of slabs, points to its Romanesque origins. According to the fifteenth - century chronicler, Jan Długosz, the founder of the church was Piotr Włostowic called Dunin, palatine of Prince Bolesław Wrymouth. He was a significant figure and the person was the subject of legends. The church of Saint John Baptist testifies to the great importance of Siewierz at the beginning of the Polish state.
The small, one-nave church of Saints Barbara and Valentine in Siewierz was built in 1618, as an infirmary church. It replaced the previous wooden structure standing on the same site. Inside the church, there is the equipment from the first half of the seventeenth century, among which it is worth paying attention to the Baroque altars. The portraits of the main patron saints of the church, Saint Barbara of Nicomedia and Saint Valentine are placed in the high altar.
In Siewierz, a historic town full of monuments, located between Katowice and Częstochowa, you might want to find an interesting old manor-like house standing in Kościuszki Street, very close to the parish church. The house was erected by the Frank family, at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. The building is covered with a mansard roof. In the second half of the 19th century, it was the seat of the commune authorities. Currently, the building houses, among others, the Chamber of Tradition and Old Culture in Siewierz.
The church of Saint Matthias in Siewierz stands near the Market Square, close to the castle of the bishops of Kraków, who were at the same time dukes of Siewierz. For centuries, it has served as a parish church of Siewierz. The first mention of the shrine comes from the fifteenth century, but it is known the church was erected along with the foundation of the city in the second half of the thirteenth century. It had a stone chancel and a nave wooden, which was turned into brick one in the sixteenth century. The present appearance results from the late- eighteenth- century reconstruction. The church is a BaroqueClassicist building. It is worthwhile that the Bishops’ Gate and an interesting entrance portal.
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