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Hotel Żywiecki **** Medical Spa & Sport

MED & SPA Hotel Żywiecki **** is one of the most modern places of this type in Poland. A holistic approach, the highest quality equipment and a highly qualified team of specialists who care about the health, beauty and well-being of our guests make each visit to the MED & SPA zone unique. Located in a quiet part of the hotel, it is an oasis of peace and relaxation at the highest world level.

Five luxuriously furnished offices, equipped with modern medical and cosmetic devices, are available to guests. To increase the comfort of guests, treatments are performed on heated beds. From some of the glass cabinets, you can admire the beauty of the Beskid nature.

The wide offer of the SPA & Wellness center includes treatments in the field of Medical SPA, SPA, wellness for athletes, physiotherapy and body cosmetics. A doctor's referral is not required to use Med & SPA medical services. Before starting therapy, every patient is invited to a free physiotherapy consultation.

The specialists of the SPA & Wellness center constantly improve their qualifications by participating in seminars and trainings in Poland and abroad.

In addition, the hotel has a wellness area, and in it:

  • 95 sq m swimming pool with counter current and hydromassage
  • water whips
  • jacuzzi
  • Finnish sauna
  • aromatherapy steam room
  • sensation showers
  • ice shower
  • relaxation zone



Kępka 3
34-331 Przyłęków
Beskid Żywiecki
in the mountains
General Information
: day spa, spa
: microclimate
Contact data
: +48 33 506 50 86
: +48 662 071 471
: whole year

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Kompleks narciarski Jastrzębica SKI spełni oczekiwania nawet najbardziej wymagających osób. Posiada trzy zróżnicowane trasy narciarskie o długości 850, 1000 i 1150 metrów.
Przyłęków is a village in the district of Żywiec, in the commune of Świnna. In 1886, the village became famous for Marian apparitions. On the second of July, during the religious celebration of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Wojciech Stefko a local shepherd, prayed for the health of his only blind daughter, Mary. When a pious man got tired and he fell asleep. Mother of God appeared to him in a dream, recommending the construction of the chapel. It did not come about quickly, however.
Juszczyna is a beautifully situated village near Żywiec, in the commune of Radziechowy-Wieprz. It lies at the northern foot of the lofty massif of Romanki. The first mention of the village comes from the seventeenth century. Later, it was also known for the highwaymen marauding in the vicinity. The local Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary was built in the 20s of the twentieth century.
The Reserve "Gawroniec" is one of many flora reserves in the Żywiec Landscape Park. It protects valuable forest complexes. The reserve occupies about 24 acres and is located on the northern slopes of the mountains called “Gawroniec” and Wolentarski Groń, on the border of the village of Świnna and Pewel Mała Świnna and within the small village of Pewel Mała. In the reserve there is a hundred- year- old, mixed deciduous forest, with beech, fir and - on the Koszarawa river - alders. In the forest we will meet, among others, the Carpathian deer, roe deer, wild boar, and even lynx.
Bacówka znajduje się w Jeleśni u Borów. Bacuje tam Piotr Chrząszcz z Beskidka w Koszarawie. Wypasa on okoliczne pastwiska. Wędrując po górach ze swoim kierdelem, dociera na odległe Klekociny, Halę Kamińskiego, Kubulkową, Janoszkową i Beskidek. Jako jedyny w gminie posiada certyfikat na wyrób oscypka i redykołek.
Pewel Mała
A few kilometers east of Żywiec, mountain slopes, which rise on the left bank of the Koszarawa river, are covered with the vast Kiełbasowski Forest. On its northern edge, near the lodge named Kiełbasów, there is a modest, but extremely charming, wooden chapel, covered with a shingle roof and decorated with a slender turret. This chapel was built in the first half of the last century, and houses a statue of Our Lady of the Forest. On the wall of the chapel, we can see a basrelief depicting Pope John Paul II.
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Zajazd Beskidy oprócz usług noclegowych oferuje wszystkim chętnym różnorodne dania – zarówno regionalne jak i dania kuchni świata. Warte grzechu są tu także pizze, ze słynną od lat Pizzą po Beskidzku, które można również zamówić przez telefon.
ZAJAZD BESKIDY oprócz usług noclegowych oferuje wszystkim chętnym różnorodne dania – zarówno regionalne jak i dania kuchni świata. Warte grzechu są tu także pizze, ze słynną od lat Pizzą po Beskidzku, które można również zamówić przez telefon.
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