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The Wooden Church of St Catherine and the Virgin of the Rosary in Rybnik-Wielopole

Wielopole is a district of Rybnik with a population of about 1800 inhabitants. It lies just north of the city center. In Wielopole, one can find a sixteenth-century church of Saint Catherine and the Virgin of the Rosary. In this shrine, which was moved here from village of Gierałtowice, the so-called stenciled polychromy was discovered on the ceiling during renovation work. The church, which is the oldest wooden monument of the Rybnik region, is located on the Wooden Architecture Trail of the Silesia province.

street Górna
44-207 Rybnik
Rybnicko-Raciborski Region, Silesia
in the city/town
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: 32 424 67 88
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: churches, architectural monuments, wooden architecture, sacred monuments, history sources
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: admission free
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Centrum Sportów Wodnych BIG BLUE w Rybniku powstało z myślą o wszystkich, którzy lubią wodę, ruch na świeżym powietrzu i chcą zadbać o zdrowie swoje i swoich dzieci. Tutaj, niemal w centrum miasta, przy niewielkim jeziorze obok kąpieliska RUDA, stworzyliśmy miejsce, w którym każdy może odpocząć oraz popracować nad kondycją fizyczną.
The Wiśniowiec Park in Rybnik is a Mecca for lovers of extreme mountain biking. For over ten years now, they have been attracted here by a professional Cycling track built in the forest complex stretching along Gliwicka Street, near the stadium. Competitions held here are, particularly popular in such disciplines as four cross or dirt jumping. In winter, tobogganists use the track.
The shelter in Wawok, which is a district of Rybnik, is part of the fortifications built by the Poles in 1939, in the last months before the Second World War. Next to it, there are two other shelters from that time. None of them was completed before the outbreak of the war, but all had their part in the defense campaign. In 2005-2007, the forgotten shelter was renovated by a group of the enthusiasts and it is occasionally open to the public.
Industrialna Pętla Terenowa w Rybniku - trasa odkrywa przed industrialne dziedzictwo Rybnika zapisane w miejscach i budynkach znajdujących się pośród leśnych kompleksów dzielnicy Niewiadom.
The church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is now the oldest church in Rybnik. The shrine is dated to the, the fifteenth century. Originally, the church was dedicated Our Lady of Sorrows. The only remaining part of this church is a presbytery, which was converted into a mortuary chapel, while the rest was demolished in the late eighteenth century. At that time, a new church dedicated to the same patron saint was erected. Currently, the old sanctuary is used as a university church.
The Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua in Rybnik, sometimes called "Rybnik Cathedral", is known mainly as the largest church of Upper Silesia. The building has almost hundred-meter tall towers, visible from a distance, when approaching it from either side to the city. The Basilica was built between 1903 and 1906. Inside the neo-Gothic church, there is a seventeenth-century statue of Saint Anthony, the patron saint of Rybnik.
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The peaceful setting of premises in the district of Rybnik rarely used in the immediate vicinity of the forest and the river gives the opportunity to spend pleasant moments in nature while walking around the area.
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