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The Church of St Michael Archangel of Pińczyce

The church of Saint Michael Archangel of Pińczyce was built in the late eighteenth century. It was founded by the local property owners – Jan Kazimierz and Kassylda Bonte. Originally, the church was a manor chapel, which in the next century expanded and converted into a parish church. The building was erected in an elegant, Baroque style. The interior combines Baroque and Rococo features. The old manor now houses a presbytery.

street Kościelna 4
42-350 Pińczyce
Kraków-Częstochowa Jura
in the country
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Huta Stara B
The reserve "Cisy w Hucie Starej" is one of the four nature reserves in the Silesian voivodeship, which protects natural communities of yew trees. It is a rare tree today. It was depleted in the past centuries, because of the valuable properties of the wood. The reserve was established in 1957 and it now covers an area of more than 2.5 hectares. There are about 80 yew trees here whose age is about 80 years. The reserve is adjacent to the village of Huta Szklana, lying south of Koziegłowy.
The parish of Saint Anthony of Padua in Koziegłówki can boast of its origins going back to the Middle Ages. However, the current parish church is a little over 100 years old. As a matter of fact, it was built in the style of the Italian Renaissance, in the years 1900-1907. Inside there are, among others, Baroque altars and other antique furnishing. In Koziegłówki a colorful Easter tradition of "Turks" has been preserved.
The Chapel of the Nativity of the Lord Jesus in Mijaczów, a district of Myszków, was built in the eighteenth century. It was part of the manor buildings whose owners belonged to the nobility of the Duchy of Siewierz. The chapel was built of stone and covered with a gable roof. A Baroque barrel vault with lunettes has been preserved inside the chapel. Today, the chapel is a subsidiary to the parish church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Myszków Mijaczów.
The mansion of August Schmelzer, also called the Industrialist’s Palace, is one of the most beautiful historic buildings in Myszków. The building was put up in the second half of the nineteenth century for August Schmelzer, a Saxon, owner of a spinning plant and dye-works, which in the course of time were turned into the Company of Cotton Manufactory "August Schmelzer." The mansion house is Eclectic with a wealth of architectural details.
The church of Saint Matthias in Siewierz stands near the Market Square, close to the castle of the bishops of Kraków, who were at the same time dukes of Siewierz. For centuries, it has served as a parish church of Siewierz. The first mention of the shrine comes from the fifteenth century, but it is known the church was erected along with the foundation of the city in the second half of the thirteenth century. It had a stone chancel and a nave wooden, which was turned into brick one in the sixteenth century. The present appearance results from the late- eighteenth- century reconstruction. The church is a BaroqueClassicist building. It is worthwhile that the Bishops’ Gate and an interesting entrance portal.
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