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The Palace in Krowiarkach

The palace and park in Krowiarki is certainly one of the biggest attractions in Silesia for lovers of history and architecture. The palace was built in the first half of the nineteenth century on the site of the old wooden mansion. The residence became dilapidated during the communist regime. In 2007, it was purchased by a private Luxembourg company and is currently being renovated, and, hopefully, the residence will regain its former glory.

street Zamkowa
47-480 Krowiarki
Pietrowice Wielkie
Rybnicko-Raciborski Region
in the country
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The palace in Jastrzębie, a small village located less than 15 miles northwest of Racibórz, was built in the second half of the nineteenth century, when Franziska von Hauenschild, nee Lipp was the owner of a vast, 300-hectare property. In the interwar period, the palace belonged to the Schramek family. Even before the Second World War and for many years thereafter, the palace housed a sanatorium. The residence is designed in the Eclectic style with the dominant neo-Gothic elements.
The palace of Modzurów is located in the commune of Rudnik, in the district of Racibórz Raciborz Rudnik. It is a neo-Gothic building. The palace was erected by the family von König in 1864. Currently, the palace, of which interior has retained its old design, houses a plant breeding station. The residence is surrounded by a beautiful park with a hornbeam alley and exotic trees. In the park, there are several historic buildings, such as a nineteenth-century, much ruined mausoleum of the Königs
The palace of Strzybnik in the district of Racibórz is a nineteenth- century neo-Classicist building. Unfortunately, the years of its glory have irretrievably gone by. After being left by the owners and after the years of the communist regime, and finally after the devastation in the 1990s the palace is in a state of delapidation. Do not enter inside, as the ruins may crumble down. It is worthwhile to watch the park, which surrounds the building and is home to many interesting specimens of trees.
Pietrowice Wielkie
Pietrowice Wielkie is a large communal village, located west of Racibórz. It distinguishes itself by an oval layout, which has been preserved to this day. The layout was already created in the time of its foundation. In the center of the village a road forks out forming a spindle-shaped square, to which strips of fields are adjacent located on its external side. In the village it is worthwhile to see farms of the Franconian type, old churches and numerous shrines and roadside crosses.
Rudnik is located in the district of Raciborz, near the city itself. The name of the village is probably associated with the ore mines existing here in the Middle Ages, or it can be derived from the reddish color of the soil. In the village, which is one of the oldest in the area, it is worthwhile to see a nineteenthcentury palace. The building was erected by the family of von Marwitz. Today, the monument is not in a very good condition.
Pietrowice Wielkie
The pilgrim church of Holy Cross of Pietrowice Wielkie lies on the Wooden Architecture Trail of the Silesian province. It was built in 1667. It is a cabin log construction, and its gable roof is covered with shingles. Next to the nave and the chancel there is an outbuilding with a staircase leading the choir? The church has an outer pulpit with a canopy, a porch and a vestry. The belfry, built in 1822, is topped with a spherical helmet covered with tin sheets, a lantern and the papal cross. Along the east and north sides there are arcades, which in the past served as shelter for the pilgrims.
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Pietrowice Wielkie
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Pietrowice Wielkie
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