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The Rybnik Aero Club and the Sport Airfield in Gotartowice

The airfield in Rybnik-Gotartowice is a sport facility, which is now being used by the Rybnik Aero Club. There are ambitious plans to expand the facility and convert it into a large airport, with a one-kilometer-long runway, a control tower, and hangars. The Rybnik airport would handle up to 150,000 passengers a year. It would be a domestic and an international airport.

street Żorska 332
44-200 Rybnik
Rybnicko-Raciborski Region
in the city/town
Contact data
: 32 421 81 89
General information
: aviation
Prices & amenities
: Price list on the Website.
: whole year
Kind of equipment
: plane, parachute

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Ligocka Kuźnia, which is a district of Rybnik, has an interesting monument. It is a wooden church of Saint Lawrence. The shrine was built in 1717 in nearby Boguszowice, and moved to Ligocka Kuźnia in the 70s of the last century. The building, erected on a Greek cross plan, houses the precious painting depicting the martyrdom of Saint Lawrence. The church lies on the Wooden Architecture Trail of the Silesia province.
One of the most important industrial plants operating in Rybnik and its surrounding area was the Steel Mill “Silesia”. It was built as early as the middle of the 18th century in Paruszowiec, now a district of Rybnik, and was closed at the end of the twentieth century. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, during the heyday of the plant, a housing estate for workers was established nearby, of which a few three-storey multi-family brick houses known as familoks have been preserved to the present-day.
Jednym z najważniejszych zakładów przemysłowych działających kiedykolwiek w Rybniku i okolicach była Huta Silesia. Powstała już w połowie XVIII wieku w Paruszowcu, obecnie wschodniej dzielnicy Rybnika, a jej kres nastąpił pod koniec XX stulecia. Na przełomie XIX i XX wieku, podczas rozkwitu huty, wybudowano w pobliżu niej osiedle robotnicze, z którego do dziś pozostało kilka trójkondygnacyjnych, ceglanych familoków.
The Municipal Museum in Żory is a young institution, founded only in 2000, at the initiative of local authorities, members of the Society of Friends of the Town of Żory and Lucian Buchalik, then director of the Municipal Cultural Center. The main aim of the museum is to collect items relating to the history of Żory.
Park Wodny AQUARION - bo tak nazwano nowy twór w żorskiej architekturze miejskiej - otwarto dla użytkowników 28 stycznia 2012 roku o 6.00 rano.
One of the most popular places of recreation for residents of the historic town of Żory is the Piaskownia Park. It extends north from the city center, in the district of Kleszczówka. In the beautiful forest there is the Centre of Ecological Education, whose one part is an educational trail dedicated natural habitats. A collection of rocks and minerals has been amassed and a fitness trail laid out as well.
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The house has got 3 banquet halls for 210 seats. It organizes all sorts of events such as weddings, birthday parties, communions and more. Here is a park which is excellent for party outdoors. For guests 80 beds.
Holidays "Abi" offer rooms for the whole company or individual workers.
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