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Town House of Culture in Myszkow

street 3 Maja 15
42-300 Myszków
Kraków-Częstochowa Jura
in the city/town
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: cinemas, others
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: 034 313 26 59
: 034 313 18 34
: whole year

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The mansion of August Schmelzer, also called the Industrialist’s Palace, is one of the most beautiful historic buildings in Myszków. The building was put up in the second half of the nineteenth century for August Schmelzer, a Saxon, owner of a spinning plant and dye-works, which in the course of time were turned into the Company of Cotton Manufactory "August Schmelzer." The mansion house is Eclectic with a wealth of architectural details.
The Chapel of the Nativity of the Lord Jesus in Mijaczów, a district of Myszków, was built in the eighteenth century. It was part of the manor buildings whose owners belonged to the nobility of the Duchy of Siewierz. The chapel was built of stone and covered with a gable roof. A Baroque barrel vault with lunettes has been preserved inside the chapel. Today, the chapel is a subsidiary to the parish church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Myszków Mijaczów.
Stajnia Golden Horse położona jest na pograniczu dwóch malowniczych miejscowości Żarek Letniska i Myszkowa (Nowa Wieś). Stajnia oferuje naukę jazdy konnej oraz pensjonat dla koni.
The miraculous image of Our Lady of the Rosary is venerated in the sanctuary in Mrzygłód (once a town city, now a district of Myszków). It was brought here by the Dominicans from Kraków in the middle of the seventeenth century, and placed in the newly erected parish church in the years 1644 to 1653. The sanctuary was built in the Renaissance and Baroque styles. In the Baroque interior there are beautiful, richly decorated altars.
The Jurassic Questa is a rock threshold, which stretches from the south to the north of the Kraków-Czestochowa Upland, from the vicinity of Klucze near Olkusz to Częstochowa. The most impressive part of the threshold lies between the villages of Żarki and Jaworznik. The picturesque voivodeship road No. 792 runs through the area. It is worth stopping on the hill of Laskowiec, which rises to 390 meters above sea level and almost 80 meters above the Warta valley. You can admire the beautiful panorama, and it is worthwhile to visit the ruins of the church of Saint Stanislaus.
Żarki is a small town in the district Myszków. It is the seat of the urban-rural commune. Żarki is an old, medieval town, which, according to the known written sources, received town privileges before the year 1382. In 1406, Żarki was again granted privileges by King Ladislaus Jagiello. In the seventeenth century, due to a plague, the town changed its location. On the site of a once existing wooden chapel, there are stone ruins of the eighteenth-century church of Saint Stanislaus, which are preserved and open to the public.
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