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Korbasowy Dwór Restaurant

The restaurant was established in place of the nineteenth-century tavern "U Korbasa". The restaurant with a fireplace and two rooms: one  for 40  and the upper hall for 80 persons. Restaurant has also terrace with a nice view at the Beskidy Mountains and telescope to watch the mountain peaks.
The chefs are trained by famous chef - Kurt Scheller.

The restaurant is a member of the “Silesian Tastes” Culinary Trail.

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street Hażlaska 135
43-400 Cieszyn
Cieszyn Silesia
in the city/town
General Information
: restaurant
: international, Polish, regional
Contact data
: +48 33 857 72 73
Prices & amenities
: we accept card payments, we speak English, car park, bicycle parking station, amenities for children
: whole year

everyday 11:00 - 22:00

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Wybrane potrawy
At Hażlaska Street in Cieszyn, there are two Jewish cemeteries: the old and the new one. Those keen on the history of Jews are especially interested in the first one, which is considered one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries on Polish soil. Here, we can find the tombstone from 1686. The so-called New Cemetery is located near the old graveyard. It was established in the early twentieth century. The last burial took place here in 1961.
Cieszyn boasts one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in Poland. The old cemetery at Hażlaska Street was established as early as in 1647 and served its purpose until the beginning of the last century. The cemetery was founded by Jakub Singer for his family and servants. The oldest gravestones are from the seventeenth century. The most famous members of the Jewish families from all over Cieszyn Silesia are buried here.
The municipal cemetery at Katowicka Street in Cieszyn is the most important necropolis of the city on the Olza River. It was founded in 1891, on an elongated plot of land, sometimes covering an area of 7 hectares. There is an impressive gate, built in the Austrian Baroque style, leading to the cemetery. It is decorated with a fine dome. Prominent inhabitants of Cieszyn are buried here, among, others, Roman Catholic priest rev. Józef Lodzin, Paweł Stalmach, Gustaw Morcinek, and Karol Miarka.
The Museum of the 4th Podhale Rifles Regiment was opened in 2008. Its collection includes artifacts such as uniforms and equipment, as well as documents related to the regiment, whose history lasted from the First to the Second World War. We will see here, among others, a vehicle with a heavy machine gun and a motorcycle Elf-Sachs from 1938. The museum was launched thanks to private collections and is maintained by private donations. The museum is open by appointment. It also organizes history lessons for children and the youth.
The tradition of placing conciliation crosses was brought to Polish lands from the West. It was primarily characteristic for Germany, although we encounter it from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia. Simple and austere stone crosses were placed by the killers in the places where a murder had been committed. The placement of the cross was the last act of repentance. In the Cieszyn area, we find them in the city itself, in Pruchna and on the slopes Łazek near Brenna.
The Castle Brewery in Cieszyn was founded by Charles Ludwig Hapsburg, archduke of Cieszyn in the 1840s. It continued old medieval traditions of the local brewers, offering at the same time a new product, which was the then popular beer of the pilsner type. Today, together with the Żywiec Brewery, it belongs to the Heineken Company.
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