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The Jadwiga and Marian Dudys' Bread Hut in Górki Małe

The Jadwiga and Marian Dudys' Bread Hut is located in Górki Małe, in the valley of the Brennica, in the picturesque north-western part of the Silesian Beskids. The hut invites you to a meeting with „a crumb" of tradition. We can learn here about the secrets of baking bread, making butter and cheese, or extracting honey. The hut can be the starting or end point of mountain hikes towards the ranges of Równica, Klimczok and Blatnia.

street Breńska 113
43-436 Górki Małe
Beskid Śląski, Beskids & Cieszyn Silesia, Cieszyn Silesia
in the mountains, in the country
Contact data
: +48 33 853 96 30
General Information
: wooden architecture, craftsmanship/handicraft, heritage parks, history sources
: whole year

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Chleb żytni na zakwasie, pieczony tak jak dawniej w piecu opalanym drewnem. „Chlebowa Chata” to tak naprawdę dawna wieś w pigułce.
Górki Wielkie
The educational nature trail in Górki Wielkie runs toward the nearby hill called Mount Bucze. The trail is about 4 km long. While walking along it, you can learn about the forest ecosystems characteristic for these regions of the Foothills. The walk together with seeing specific local plant communities will take less than two hours.
Górki Wielkie
Each year a number of lovers of tourism and recreation in the saddle have been growing. Professional sport centers and small resorts offer equestrian services. In Górki Wielkie, a picturesquely located village at the foot of the Silesian Beskids, one can find the agro tourism farm "Gazdówka", which offers a wide range of horse riding services, which are both for beginners and experienced riders.
Brenna as a mountain resort became popular in the interwar years of the twentieth century. The village was visited by tourists mainly from Silesia. In 1924, Bruno Konczakowski from Cieszyn built a hunting manor in the valley of the Głębiec brook. The manor made of alpine stone pine and larch was built in a Tyrolean style. The interior reflects the owner’s hunting interests. The Chapel of St. Hubert stands in the vicinity of the manor.
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Górki Małe
Willa Wichrowe Wzgórza z basenem jest kameralnym obiektem / 17 miejsc noclegowych /, położonym w pięknym, widokowym miejscu w Beskidach - w Brennej, w bliskim sąsiedztwie Ustronia, Szczyrku oraz Wisły.
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