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Orzech i Miód Restaurant (Hotel Spa Laskowo)

          Orzech i Miód Restaurant (Hotel Spa Laskowo) is known for its excellent Polish cuisine served in traditional and innovative way. Each dish shows unusual abilities of chef and a team. The unique method of serving dishes will delight even the most discerning guests.

The restaurant is a member of the Silesian Tastes Culinary Trail. 

In menu Silesian Tastes we recommend:

street Raciborska 62
47-430 Jankowice
Kuźnia Raciborska
Silesia, Rybnicko-Raciborski Region
in the forest
General Information
: restaurant, szlak kulinarny
: regional, Silesian, Polish
Contact data
: +48 32 74 62 900
: +48 600 391 900
Prices & amenities
: we accept card payments, air conditioning, we speak English, we speak German, car park, bicycle parking station
: whole year

Everyday 9:00-22:00

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The Rudy train station is located in the middle of the old narrow-gauge railway line between Gliwice and Racibórz. There is an open air railway museum, with a mile-long stretch of track (along which tourist trains run). It is an attraction on the Industrial Monuments Route. The narrow-gauge railway appeared in Rudy at the end of the nineteenth century. It was in March 1899 that “Kramer and Partners” opened a 23-kilometer railway line from Gliwice through Nieborowice to Rudy and Racibórz Płonia, and three months later, it started carrying passengers.
The recreational and relaxation center "AquaBrax" in Szymocice is located in the district of Racibórz, amid scenic forests. Apart from Accommodation and full board, it offers many other attractions, which include a large swimming pool, and the possibility of organizing various events on requeSt The local microclimate was appreciated by the German authorities as early as the 30s of the twentieth century. They set up a center for the athletes training for the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936.
Ruda Kozielska
The area of the commune of Kuźnia Raciborska is among the most attractive in terms of tourism in the south-western region of Silesia. The vast forests of the Landscape Park "Cistercian Landscape Compositions of Rudy Wielkie". It is worthwhile to see a historic, nineteenth-century forester’s lodge “Wildeck” (or “Wildek”), which has an interesting architectural form and is also shrouded in a dark legend.
In the south of Upper Silesia, in the area administered by the forest inspectorate of Rudy Raciborskie, there is an unusual enterprise managed by the State Forests National Forest Holding. It is a plant nursery which operates in a shipping container sited in the village of Nędza. It can safely be called a tree factory, which does not grow coniferous and deciduous trees from the seeds sown in the soil, but in the containers. For many years, this method has been practiced in Sweden. In Nędza, it is applied on a large scale: annual production of seedlings reaches 6 million pieces.
The Cistercian Landscape Compositions of Rudy Wielkie is an interesting protected area located in the eastern part of the Racibórz Valley. It covers the northern parts of the Rybnik Plateau. The nature park was established here in 1993. It covers an area of 49 thousand hectares, including additional protective zones of the total area of 14 thousand hectares. The natural environment and historical and cultural values of the park make it an attractive area for tourists.
In the village of Zwonowice located amidst the forests of the Landscape Park "Cistercian Landscape Compositions of Rudy Wielkie", one can admire an interesting hunting lodge from the mid-nineteenth century on the mountain of Winna Góra. The building was erected during the reign of Duke Victor I, whose residence lay in nearby Rudy Wielkie. Previously, there was a farm building on this site, which belonged to the Cistercian monastery of Rudy Wielkie.
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