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The Church of St John the Baptist in Pawłowice

The church of Saint John the Baptist in Pawłowice was erected at the end of the sixteenth century. It replaced a wooden church, which had been standing in this place probably since medieval times. Jan Pawłowski, Bishop of Olomouc, who came from Pawłowice, initiated the building. The church was largely destroyed during the last war. Fortunately, valuable paintings have been preserved in the sanctuary.

street Zjednoczenia 52
43-250 Pawłowice
Pszczyna Region
in the country
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: (32) 472 19 11
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: churches, architectural monuments
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: admission free
: whole year
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The church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary located in Studzionka near Pszczyna was built in the first half of the nineteenth century. It replaced an older, wooden building, which had burned down in 1822. Stylistically, the building refers to the Classicism. The tower was added after a hundred years, in the last century. It is crowned with a bulbous helmet and a lantern. On the north side of the church we can find two stone conciliation crosses.
Strumień is one of the smallest towns in Silesia. However, it was granted city at the turn of the fifteenth and since then, it has always been a town. Despite many natural disasters that have affected Strumień, the town has preserved a historic urban layout comprising the market square, streets extending from its corners, a nice town hall, and stylish, small townhouses. With the nearby church of Saint Barbara, the town as a whole has an urban-rural character.
The Church of Saint Barbara in Strumień is a typical late Baroque building erected at the end of the eighteenth century. Its founders were then owners of Cieszyn Silesia - Duke Albert Casmir and his wife, Maria Christina. A tower topped with a spherical helmet dominates over the church from outside, while inside, it is worth noting, among others, late baroque altars and a stained glass window with the figure of Mikołaj Brodecki, the founder of the town.
The pride of Strumień, a small town lying to the north of Cieszyn Silesia, are interesting monuments including a Baroque town hall and a nice park, where one can sit at the saline fountain and breathe in some healthy, sea-like air, and if there is an opportunity to participate in one of the numerous local cultural or sports events. In the park you will find the monument commemorating the victims of the Death March of prisoners of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.
Bzie is now district of Jastrzębie Zdrój. It lies in the eastern part of the town. In the past, Bzie was an independent village, already mentioned in 1293. It is divided into three parts: Bzie Zamecki, Bzie Górne and Bzie Dolne. In Bzie Zameckie there is a late Renaissance, fortified manor house, built in the first half of the seventeenth century, as well as the remnants of an old manor park, with centuries-old, monumental oaks. There are a few hiking and biking trails running through Bzie.
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