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Jurassic Park Castles

Miniature Park is located at the foot of Castle Ogrodzienieckiego located in Podzamcze (2 km away from Ogrodzieńca) shows the Eagles Nests Trail in 1:25 scale stretching from Krakow, to Czestochowa. Mock castles and fortresses have been restored in accordance with historical truth. Mock execution was preceded by several months of exploration and development of historical documentation.

In the park you can see the miniature replicas of siege weapons from the medieval period, among others. belching catapult missiles, ballista - the type of crossbow on wheels, and the trebuchet - an impressive machine belching bullets, mechanical sling-like. With these devices the war will be interested to learn fighting forces, carried out in the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth centuries

street Zamkowa
42-440 Ogrodzieniec
Kraków-Częstochowa Jura
in the city/town, other, on the hill
General Information
: amusement parks
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: +48 784 74 47 37
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: children, groups, families
: seasonal

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You can learn about the castles and forts of the Polish Jura in just several minutes in the Miniature Park Ogrodzieniec! With great care and knowledge, 16 fortresses along the Eagles’ Nests Trail have been reconstructed here. In a picturesque setting, at the foot of the ruins of the castle of Ogrodzieniec, miniature castles from the period of their greatest prosperity have been recreated, preserving the natural environment of each of the buildings. There are also medieval siege machines, and recently - a replica of the monastery of Jasna Góra.
Ogrodzieniec Castle is the largest castle of the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland and, undoubtedly, one the most beautiful castles in Poland. It is located on Mount Janowski at the heart of the Upland. Fantastic rock formations, which were used to construct the castle, make the majestic ruins even more picturesque. The castle is situated in the central part of the Polish Jura and it is easy to get there. The red marked Eagles' Nests Trail runs nearby.
Active recreation with a big dose of thrill has recently become fashionable. The rope park "AdrenaLinaPark" in Podzamcze provides such entertainment. It is one of the first rope parks in the Jura. There are two routes of varying difficulty, and an amazing 140-meter downhill slide called "Tyrolka". An additional attraction is the location of the Park near the picturesque ruins of Ogrodzieniec castle.
While in Podzamcze and visiting the famous ruins of Ogrodzieniec Castle, you should also take some time to visit other sights located in the area of Mount Janowski. One of them is a cluster of several very picturesque fantastically shaped outcrops, which extend in the immediate vicinity of the castle ruins. The local rocks are very popular among rock climbers, who use the climbing routes of varying degrees of difficulty.
Będąc w Podzamczu i zwiedzając słynne ruiny Zamku Ogrodzieniec, warto także poświęcić nieco czasu na zwiedzenie innych osobliwości leżących w rejonie Góry Janowskiego. Należy do nich skupisko kilkunastu bardzo malowniczych ostańców skalnych o fantastycznych kształtach, rozciągające się w bezpośredniej bliskości zamkowych ruin. Tutejsze skałki cieszą się dużą popularnością wśród wspinaczy, którzy pokonują tu drogi wspinaczkowe o różnych stopniach trudności.
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