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Forest bathing area

This complex of outdoor swimming pool, offering many attractions and fun, and what is important - almost in the center of the city. Are vacationing at the disposal of: - 3 swimming pools of varying depths, including one with a slide, - 2 pools and a playground for children - 4 courts for volleyball, basketball and street eateries
street Toszecka 137
44-100 Gliwice
in the forest
General Information
: Yes
: Yes
: others
Contact data
: +48322799734
Prices & amenities
: children, seniors, less than 26 years
: we accept pets, car park, bicycle parking station, toilets
: whole year

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Zapraszamy na audiowycieczkę po Gliwicach!
Zapraszamy na audiowycieczkę po Gliwicach!
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Zapraszamy na przygotowaną specjalnie dla dzieci audiowycieczkę po centrum Gliwic!
The old church of Saint Bartholomew in Gliwice Szobiszowice is one of the most mysterious shrines in Silesia. It is rumored that the church was built by the Templars. It is true, however, that the building was erected as early as in the fifteenth century, which makes it the oldest religious building in Gliwice. The church is austere with a stone and brick tower, crowned with crenellations.
The Gliwice Palm House is located within vast Chopin Park, between the Kłodnica river and the Kłodnica Canal. Its origins date back to the late nineteenth century. Its heyday fell on the 20s and 30s of the last century. Currently, the Palm House is a modern institution, an exotic oasis in the center of the industrial city. In addition to tropical plants and cacti, one can even see here infamous piranhas or dangerous reptiles.
Historia powstania pierwszej fabryki drutu na Śląsku sięga 1852 roku i wiąże się z postacią niemieckiego przemysłowca Wilhelma Hegenscheidta, który przyjechał na Śląsk z Westfalii.
"The wooden transmitting tower of the radio station in Gliwice is a marvel of engineering and prewar thought and the testimony of its builders’ courage. With a height of 111 m, it now occupies the first place on the list of the world's tallest structures, built entirely of wood. It was built in 1935 within the premises of the newly created broadcasting station at Tarnogórska Street. On August 31, 1939, the building was the scene of a provocation carried out by officers of the Nazi SS, known in historiography as the “Gleiwitz incident”."
The first mention of the Jewish settlers in Gliwice comes from the seventeenth century. In the eighteenth century, there were several Jewish families in the city. In 1812, they built their first synagogue. Three years later, they founded the oldest cemetery at the current Na Piasku Street. About 500 gravestones, mostly made of sandstone, have survived. The most magnificent is the neo-Classicist mausoleum of the Meyer family. Many members of the known Troplowitz family were on the cemetery.
"The Museum of Sanitary Technology is the youngest museum in Gliwice. It was founded in 2005. It is located within premises of the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant, which until recently, was not a tourist attraction. In the renovated and stylish building of the pumping stations from the beginning of the last century, one can see some old sewage treatment equipment and a few decade old sanitary fittings, and afterwards, we can take a tour of the still operating plant, built for the twenty first century."
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