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Repty - Tarnowskie Góry

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Tarnowskie Góry

Rowerowy, czarny szlak turystyczny prowadzący z przez najstarszą dzielnicę Tarnowskich Gór -Repty. Początek trasy stanowi Kopalnia Zabytkowa w Reptach, zaś koniec przystanek Wąskotorówki w Tarnowskich Górach. Trasa biegnie wzdłuż szlaku kolejki wąskotorowej. Po drodze mijane są: Rezerwat Segiet, Dolomity Sportowa Dolina, Rezerwat Blachówka i „Wielki Kanion” Tarnogórski. Kolejka wąskotorowa w Tarnowskich Górach jest najstarszym obiektem tego typu w Europie, czynnym od blisko 150 lat.

The main way of travelling
Difficulty level Travel time [min]
bike easy 30,00 [min]
Detailed route parameters
Total distance [km]
Total uphill distance [km]
Total downhill distance [km]
Total flat distance [km]
Total uphill altitude [m]
Total downhill altitude [m]
Minimum altitude [m.a.s.l.]
Average altitude [m.a.s.l.]
Maximum altitude [m.a.s.l.]
Towns/cities on the road:
Tarnowskie Góry
Trail length: 3,6
Trail length in the Silesian Voivodeship: 3,6
Districts: tarnogórski
Voivodeships: Silesian

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Tarnowskie Góry
"Tarnowskie Góry was a mining town already in the medieval times. For centuries, mining of silver and lead ores ensured prosperity of its residents. Mining ceased in the 20s of the last century. The Historic Silver Mine and the Open Air Museum of Steam Machines in Tarnowskie Góry invite to a nearly two-kilometer walk along the tourist underground route, as well as to the exhibition devoted to ore mining and the open-air museum with a collection of steam engines and locomotives - mostly from the early twentieth century."
Tarnowskie Góry
At Gliwicka Street in Repty Śląskie, a district of Tarnowskie Góry there is a granite boulder commemorating Count Gustav Ballestrem that suffered a fatal car accident here in 1909. It was Probably the first car accident in Upper Silesia. Gustav von Ballestrem, born April 16, 1872 on, was a member of the wellknown family of the counts and Upper Silesian industrial magnates, originating from northern Italy.
Tarnowskie Góry
The Fountain of Youth is one of the favorite places of the inhabitants of Repty Śląskie, which is currently a district of Tarnowskie Góry. For a long time, the fountain has been known for its very tasty water. It has become so popular that it attracts people form faraway, who queue with containers at three taps. Apart from the fountain, there is another interesting place - a PolishGerman border post from the interwar period, which originally stood near the border that once ran here.
Tarnowskie Góry
Camillians Fathers were brought to Upper Silesia in the early twentieth century to fight the rampant scourge of alcoholism. They settled in Tarnowskie Góry, where they built Saint John’s Infirmary, intended to the treatment of alcohol dependence. In addition to the hospital, the cloister and the church of Saint John the Baptist were erected. All the buildings form a compact complex, decorated in the neo-Gothic style.
Tarnowskie Góry
The present church of Saint Anne in Tarnowskie Góry Anna is the second shrine founded in this mining town. It was built in the early seventeenth century as an Evangelical cemetery chapel, outside the city walls, near the Gliwice Gate. Soon, it passed into the hands of Catholics. It was extended in the mid-nineteenth century. Inside, there is an eighteenth-century painting of Saint Anne. In 1981, an independent parish was established at the church.
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The restaurant is located in the Dolomites Valley Sports in the immediate vicinity of the Nature Reserve "Segiet", is decorated in cottage style occasional alpejskiej.Organizuje (communions, christenings, birthday parties, anniversaries) and corporate (banquets, training, social events, picniki, company presentations and products).
Tarnowskie Góry
Stylish restaurant with a nineteenth-century interior that specializes in Italian cuisine and dishes from the grill, organizes events, provides services to transport for the ordered food.
Tarnowskie Góry
Restaurant - Wine Bar is located in the heart of the city, on the market.
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