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The Regional Chamber " U Brzezinów" in Cisownica

Cisownica is a picturesque village situated in the northwestern part of the Silesian Beskids, amongst low hills, which form the edge of the mountain range. In 2001, thanks to the efforts of the Association of Lovers of Cisownica, a regional chamber "U Brzezinów" was opened here. It is located on a hillside named “Goruszka” and collects a variety of traditional furniture, clothes and everyday objects used several decades ago.

street Pod Czantorią 6
43-440 Cisownica
Beskids & Cieszyn Silesia
in the mountains, in the country
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: 33 852 88 14
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: museums, symbolic place
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: admission free
: whole year

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The nature reserve of “Zadni Gaj” is one of the two protected areas in the region of the relatively low Tuł massif, which is sometimes regarded as part of the Silesian Beskids, but sometimes, of the Silesian Highlands. The area of the reserve, including the wooded slope of the hill, protects mainly the yew. Close to the reserve, there is a hiking trail leading from Goleszów to the range of Czantoria. Not far from the reserve, there is a restaurant named "Pod Tułem" in the small, picturesque valley.
Leszna Górna
Tuł is not a high peak (621 m). Sometimes it is included in the Silesian Beskids, and sometimes in the Cieszyn foothills. The massif covered with meadows and small patches of forest may be a destination of short walks, and also a point on longer trips from Goleszów towards the massif of Czantoria Wielka. There is also an interesting local nature reserve and an ecological site. A restaurant and a guesthouse are situated at the northern foot of the Tuł massif.
Protestantism in Ustroń is as old as in the other towns of Cieszyn Silesia. It dates back to the first half of the sixteenth century. After its heyday at the turn of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Protestants were subject to persecution, which only ended with the issue of the Patent of Toleration by Emperor Joseph II in 1781. It was then, when the first wooden house of worship was erected. The present church of the Apostle James the Elder was built in 1838. It is the largest church in the town located below Mount Czantoria.
For over 60 years, the Hunting Circle "Hubertus" has been actively operating in Goleszów, in the Silesian Cieszyn. Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, hunters from Goleszów have been looking after an area of about 3500 ha. Since 1998, "Hubertus” has had a well-equipped hunting lodge at its disposal, next to which there is a modern shooting range where you can take part in air-rifle shooting competition (e.g. trap or skeet) and rifle shooting at moving wild boar and deer dummies.
The church of Saint Clement in Ustroń has been serving the faithful since the late eighteenth century. Its architecture refers to the Baroque and Classicist styles, but since its construction the building has been renovated many times. Earlier, in his place there had been a wooden structure. The church is situated in the prestigious place - close to the market square and the main street. Once the Ustroń Evangelists, who built their church on a modest site, were deprived of this honor.
Pomnik przyrody, który według legendy zasadzili mieszkańcy Ustronia na pamiątkę przejścia oddziałów króla Jana Sobieskiego w drodze na Wiedeń. Wysokość 30 m, obwód 6, 45 cm.
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