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The Fero Stable of Hucul Ponies in Korbielów

Korbielów is primarily a winter tourist resort and a skiing center on the slopes of Pilsko. Another attraction is the Fero Stable of Hucul ponies, which offers a full range of services from horse riding lessons to breeding and selling the extremely intelligent and calm Hucul ponies. Beautiful landscapes of the Beskid Mountains encourage practicing mountain horse riding and hiking - a short or a multi-day horse ride.

ulica Szczyrbok 62
34-335 Krzyżowa Korbielów
Beskidy i Śląsk Cieszyński
na wsi
: +48338636023
: +48338636024
: +48 608 857 435
: +48338636024
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Korbielów is best known to all lovers of skiing, but it also attracts horse riding fans. The „Połonina” Stable is another place where you can ride on calm and tough Hucul ponies. The offer includes horse riding lessons, riding in the countryside for advanced riders and romantic summer carriage rides, sleigh rides in the winter, as well as "holiday in the saddle." It also organizes horse riding on the trails of the Beskid Mountains.
The Glinne Pass is located in the border ridge of the Beskid Mountains and separates the mountain group of Pilsko (in the west) from the Babiogórski Range (in the east). From the mid-nineteenth century to 2007, the Pass served as an important crossing point on the route, linking first Galicia with Hungary, then Poland with Slovakia. Tourists usually go past the Pass, while hiking along the Kazimierz Sosnowski Main Beskid Trail.
The Żywiec Beskid became a tourist destination in earnest a century ago. Polish and German tourists were very quick to recognize the advantages of the high mountain of Pilsko (1557 m above sea level) and the Miziowa Mountain Pasture located on the northern slopes (about 1300 m). Nowadays, they are the most popular hiking, Cycling and skiing destinations. From the mountain we can admire a vast panorama and stay in a comfortable chalet.
Sopotnia Wielka
The waterfall in Wielka Sopotnia is the highest waterfall in the Beskids, as well as in the Silesian province. It measures 12 meters in height and is considered a natural monument. It is located in the center of the village, on the creek that bears the same name as the village. The attractive surroundings offer relaxation, and several hiking trails start from the village. They run to some very interesting places in the Beskids.
Mount Pilsko rises to 1557 meters above sea level. It is the second highest massif of the Żywiec Beskids (after Babia Góra). The flattened top has a few peaks. The Polish-Slovak border runs across the massif. The highest point belonging on the Polish side is 1542 m tall. It is called “Góra Pięciu Kopców”. The distinctive silhouette of Pilsko, visible from afar, has long attracted hikers, who have a network of interesting trails at their disposal. It is also the highest point in the Silesian voivodeship.
In the vicinity of Jeleśnia and Korbielów, close to the roads running to the border, there are defensive fortifications dating back to just before the Second World War. In contrast to the popular and frequently visited sites in Węgierska Górka, the local fortifications are much less well known and visited mostly by fans of militaries. There are several sites located in the vicinity Krzyżowa, situated on the road from Żywiec to Korbielów.
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