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    Siemianowice Śląskie
    In Siemianowice Śląskie, in the vicinty of the Park Pszczelnik, there is a Silesian Golf Club golf course. The golf course area (40 ha) has got 18 holes, 72 pairs.
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    A Golf course in Bytom is a wonderful place. Intensive green, beautiful ponds and scenic hills will amaze you. That's a perfect conditions for the golf course, but also the stunning space for the restaurant and for a modern residential project. Here you can spend a nice time with your friends and family. This green enclave was established in the area, where for over 100 years the "Szombierki" coal mine had been operating. It is the largest postindustrial revitalization project in Poland.
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    The Golf Club Pszczyna is a luxury golf course located in the beautiful countryside. The area of Golf Club adjoins the historical Castle Park and the Bison Centre as well. Golf facilities include 9 holes (36 pairs).
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    Bright pants, a polo shirt, distinctive shoes, a cap or a sun visor on the head, on the one hand, a leather glove - that's a typical golfer. In Poland, it is still a rare sight, but it does not mean non-existent. Many golfers can be found in Konopiska near Częstochowa, because of the Rosa Private Golf Club, which is one of the best golf complexes in Poland. Both amateurs and professionals can compete here.
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    Bielsko Błonia Park is a recreational area, which extends into the southern part of the city, in the district of Mikuszowice Śląskie, at the foot Równia (610 m above sea level ) and (686 m above sea level). In the park there are paths for walkers and bikers and sports facilities such as sports playgrounds, a mini-golf course, a large children's playground and a special area for cyclists. In the neighborhood there are hotels and restaurants. Błonia Park is also a starting point for easy hikes to the surrounding mountains.
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    The Park of Tourism in Brenna is a leisure and entertainment centre of this charming Beskid village. The park is located in the heart of the village, near the parish church and the most luxurious hotel. Along the river there are an amphitheater, which often echoes the music, sports fields and playgrounds. There are also stands with souvenirs and snack bars.