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    The Silesian Aero Club of Silesia prides itself on over eighty-year-old traditions. It was established in the late 20s and 30s of the last century. Its alumni include: Edward Makula - a gliding world champion, Waldemar Ozga - an outstanding balloon pilot, Edward Ciapała - a world vice-champion in model aircraft, and many other great pilots. The Aero Club operates the airfield of Katowice Muchowiec, which was built in the 20s of the last century.
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    The airfield in Rybnik-Gotartowice is a sport facility, which is now being used by the Rybnik Aero Club. There are ambitious plans to expand the facility and convert it into a large airport, with a one-kilometer-long runway, a control tower, and hangars. The Rybnik airport would handle up to 150,000 passengers a year. It would be a domestic and an international airport.
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    The Aero Club of Częstochowa has been operating at the foot of Jasna Góra since 1945. It offers participation in the following sections, such as plane flying, micro gliding, paragliding, gliding, parachuting, and model-making. The eminent pilots, such as Janusz Daroch, a multiple world champion, as well as of Poland and Europe, are associated with the club. The home airfield of the Aero is located in Rudniki, near Częstochowa. It was built during the Second World War, and long served military purposes.