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    The artificial reservoir “Sosina” in Pieczysko, a district of Jaworzno, is crowded with town residents during the summertime. It is a place of many cultural events, especially music concerts. The reservoir with an area of over 50 hectares was created in the 70s and 80s of the last century, on the site of the borrow pit of the Sand Mine "Szczakowa". The Leisure and Recreation Center "Sosina" with a beach, a swimming pool and on-site hotel and catering is situated at the reservoir.
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    The Przeczycki Water Reservoir is one of the popular recreation destinations for the residents of Upper Silesia. It was created on the Czarna Przemsza river in 1963. It is located a few miles southwest of Siewierz. You can go fishing, Sailing or do motor boating sports there. The retention reservoir serves as a protection from flooding and secures an ecological flow for the lower-lying areas.
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    Nowe Chechło
    The Nakło-Chechło Lake is a reservoir of water, which since the 70s of the last century has been very popular - both among Silesian water sports fans and lovers of lazy sunbathing. The reservoir was created by flooding the borrow pit of filling sand. The reservoir distinguishes itself with first class water purity. One way to get to the beach and leisure centers is to go in an Upper Silesian Narrow Gauge Railway carriage.
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    The Biała Przemsza river is considered a tributary of the Przemsza. It is the most important river of Zagłębie Dąbrowskie. Already in the interwar years, its scenic and tourism qualities were appreciated. The river flows through the areas of the Błędowska Desert, but the most interesting section is in the vicinity of Okradzionowa, popularly known as Switzerland of Zagłębie. Kayakers cover mostly the stretch from Sławków to Sosnowiec.
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    The Czarna Przemsza river flows through major cities of Zagłębie. For centuries, it has been used for water transport. Nowadays, we can encounter more and more kayakers on the river, who make use of it for recreational purposes. Kayakers can start their trips in the vicinity of the castle in Siewierz, and then cover the distance of the water reservoir of Przeczyce and Siewierz, and finally end in the picturesque area of the Będzin stronghold.
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    In Zielona, which is a district of small town Kalety, there is a water reservoir, which took its name from that district. In fact, the reservoir in Zielona Green comprises two water bodies. One of them has a history dating back to the Middle Ages, and the other, much larger, is a dammed reservoir, built in 1970-71 on the Mała Panew river. The both are popular summer holiday destination.
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    Lake Dzierżno Duże and Lake Dzierżno Małe were created by filling in the sand old borrow with water. The older reservoir is Dzierżno Małe, which was created in 1938. It is located in the mouth of the Drama river flowing into the Gliwice Canal. The nearby reservoir of Dzierżno Duże (Rzeczycki Water Reservoir) was established in 1964. The both names of the two water bodies come from Dzierżno, a district of Pyskowice. Lake Dzierżno Małe serves primarily recreational purposes.
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    In the Silesian province one can admire scenic views on the sources of the Queen of Polish rivers, the Vistula river. One can enjoy fishing in the river. While canoeing along it, we can try to look at Silesia from the river's perspective. Most kayakers select Goczałkowice-Zdrój, a charming resort near Pszczyna, as the starting point. There are 40 kilometers to be covered in Silesia, because the trip may end in Nowy Bieruń. The Vistula flows here quietly, but in its natural riverbed, in the vicinity of ponds and industrial areas as well.
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    The Rybnik Water Reservoir, also known as Lake Rybnik, is a water body, which was created by damming the Ruda river waters Rudy in Stodoły, a district of Rybnik. The project was primarily at cooling turbines of the Rybnik power plant. It results in a stream of warm water flowing into the reservoir. This popular lake attracts anglers and water sports enthusiasts.
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    Canoeing along the Ruda river, which flows in the southern part of Upper Silesia, is an attraction for lovers of small rivers that have not yet been regulated over their entire length. Canoes can be put into the water in Stadoły, a district of Rybnik, at the Rybnik Water Reservoir. The canoe trail then leads westwards through beautiful forests of the landscape park "Cistercian Landscape Compositions of Rudy Wielkie" to the confluence of the Oder behind Kuźnia Raciborska.