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Wodzisław Śląski Racibórz Trasa rowerowa 317

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Wodzisław Śląski

Wodzisław Śląski Racibórz Trasa rowerowa 317

The main way of travelling
Difficulty level Travel time [min]
bike easy 70,00 [min]
Detailed route parameters
Total distance [km]
Total uphill distance [km]
Total downhill distance [km]
Total flat distance [km]
Total uphill altitude [m]
Total downhill altitude [m]
Minimum altitude [m.a.s.l.]
Average altitude [m.a.s.l.]
Maximum altitude [m.a.s.l.]
Trail length: 18,5
Trail length in the Silesian Voivodeship: 18,5

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Pogrzebień is a village in the commune of Kornowac. It was already mentioned in the thirteenth century as one of the oldest villages of the land of Racibórz. Its location on the hills above the valley of the Oder river makes it an interesting vantage point. The pride of the village is a neo-Renaissance mansion. Currently, it houses the Salesian convent with a memory chamber dedicated to Laura Meozzi and the Salesian Youth Oratory, which together with the adjacent sports facilities serves children and young people from the region.
The present church of John the Baptist is a neo-Gothic building dated from the years 1856-1866. It is located at Morawska Street in Racibórz Ostróg. However, the history of the church on this site is older, as there were successive wooden churches in this place from the thirteenth century on. The church, which sustained damage during the flood in 1997, is known for its venerated, highly suggestive painted image of Christ the Suffering.
Pogrzebień is a village in district of Raciborz, in the commune of Kornowac. This picturesque lies on the hills above the valley of the Oder river. It is a good vantage point of the surrounding area of the post-Cistercian ponds, as well as on the Moravian-Silesian Beskids, which are part of the Carpathian Mountains, and on the ranges of the Opava and Jeseníky mountains belonging to the Sudeten. Apart from the palace of the Baildons (formerly belonging to the Larischs, who were the parents-in-law of Joseph von Eichendorff) it is worthwhile to see the church of Saint Bartholomew. Laura Meozzi, a Salesian nun, who was highly deserved for working with children is buried here.
The parish of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is one of the oldest parishes in Racibórz. It now comprises the city center. According to tradition, the sanctuary itself, located in the southern corner of the market square, dates back to the twelfth century, but scholars hold the opinions that it was erected a little later. In the course of time, the Gothic building underwent reconstructions. In particular, the church suffered during the war, but after the war, the church was thoroughly renovated.
The church of Saint James is located at the Racibórz market square. It is a post-Dominican church, which was part of the former monastery, dating from the fifteenth century. Dominicans were brought to Raciborz at the end of the first half of the thirteenth century. The church building has a rather checkered history. It was burned down in fires, and as a result, was rebuilt many times. The Dominican monastery standing next to the church was demolished after the dissolution of the monasteries in Prussia in 1810.
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