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Beskid Sport Arena

Welcome to the newly emerging sport and leisure centre, Beskid Sports Arena. The resort was designed for a year-round sport and tourism activity. "The family all year round" is the password, which constitutes a guideline for all technical solutions of the Arena.

The ski resort is intended for beginners as well as for advanced professionals. The main attractions of the facility in summer will be: dry ski run for skiers and modern, gravity luge track.

Beskid Sports Arena is located in Szczyrk, at the end of the valley of Biła creek. The bus stop is located in the vicinity of the resort. There will be 6 parking lots for total 500 vehicles and 5 buses. All parking spaces in the area are free.

Beskid Sports Arena is equipped with a fully automatic snowmaking system provided by “SUPERSNOW”. Our system will consist of 42 stationary cannons, controlled by weather stations and two water tanks with a total capacity of 11,000 m3, equipped with aeration and cooling systems. The snowmaking system is supplemented by snowBOX, the machine enabling the production of snow also in summer.

Ośrodek posiada kilka tras narciarskich, wszystkie są wyposażone w instalację oświetleniową.

The resort has several ski runs, all routes will be equipped with a lighting system.

The total capacity of the chairlift and T-lifts will be at amount up to 5,000 persons per hour. The main is 6 persons chairlift, equipped with heating seats and windshield.

The bottom station has ticket office, restaurant, rental of sports equipment and ski school.

street Grzybowa 1
43-370 Szczyrk
Beskid Śląski
in the mountains
Contact data
: +48 660 694 336
General information
: skiing, snowboarding, skis & snowboard
: whole year
Kind of equipment
: classic skis, snowboard

City audio tours

Zapraszamy na audiowycieczkę po Szczyrku!
Zapraszamy na przygotowaną specjalnie dla dzieci audiowycieczkę po Szczyrku!


Beskid Szczyrk Biła - wyciąg orczykowy, długość 788 metrów, różnica wzniesień 246 m, 850 osób/godz., oświetlony.
Karkoszczonka Pass (729 m) is the lowest passage from west to east in the main ridge of the Silesian Beskids, stretching from Trzy Kopce near Klimczoka to Malinowska Skała in the range of Skrzyczne and Mount Barania Góra. The pass is the shortest connection between Brenna and Szczyrk. There are popular hiking trails in the area and a private hostel called “Uncle Tom's Cabin".
Trasa narciarska ma dlugość 730 metrów, jest sztucznie nasnieżana i oswietlana.
The Shrine of Our Lady of Szczyrk is situated at an altitude of 670 meters above sea level , in the picturesque hills belonging to the massif of Klimczok. The tradition relates that at the end of the nineteenth century apparitions of Mother of God were to happen here. The construction of the church started in 1912. It was completed after the First World War. In addition to the sanctuary, which is a pilgrimage destination, there is a blue hiking trail which runs from Szczyrk to Klimczok.
Jaskinia w Trzech Kopcach (The Cave on the Three Mounds), also called Grota Klimczoka (The Grotto of Klimczok), is one of the landslide, slotted caves. It is located near the top of Trzy Kopce in the Klimczok Massif in the Silesian Beskids. It is the third longest cave in the Beskids. The Grotto of Klimczok, located not far from the yellow tourist trail connecting Klimczok and Blatnia. It was discovered relatively recently, in 1946.
Mount Trzy Kopce Wiślańskie (810 m) is a picturesque mountain in the Silesian Beskid. It rises above the Vistula River, in the mountain range of Równica and Orłowa. It owes its name to the once stone mounds piled to mark the confluence of the borders of three villages: Wisła, Ustroń and Brenna. The mountain is an important keystone of several ridges. There are numerous hiking and walking trails running through the area. From its top one can see a fine panorama. Hikers can rest in the hostel "Telesforówka" located on the top.
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Silesian Tastes Culinary Trail

The restaurant is located in a historic building, which dates back in 1896.
Restauracja Chata Olimpijczyka Jasia i Helenki jest usytuowana w samym sercu pięknej, urokliwej Wisły.
Unique in Europe a log-structured tavern. The building is listed on the Wooden Architecture Trail.
Restauracja Hotelu Liburnia*** powstała w miejscu dawnego zakładu produkcyjnego – CEFANY. Przy aranżacji wnętrza archite... More>>


Hotel Klimczok**** has in offer 125 rooms and 8 suites, the "Impresja" restaurant, the Scottish pub - 'Highlander' and sports facilities, including swimming pool complex, "Baths", beauty salons and beauty spas.
The "Beskidek" resort is located in the center of Szczyrk, at the foot of the Beskidek mountain.
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