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  • Cultural Heritage
    Muzeum Beskidzkie im. Andrzeja Podżorskiego w Wiśle znajduje się w samym centrum tej wypoczynkowej miejscowości, blisko placu Bogumiła Hoffa. Od początku istnienia mieści się w jednym z najładniejszych obiektów zabytkowych Wisły, czyli XVIII-wiecznej, murowanej karczmie. Głównym celem działalności muzeum jest gromadzenie i prezentowanie dorobku kulturalnego górali Beskidu Śląskiego. Obok Muzeum ulokowano Enklawę Budownictwa Drewnianego.
  • Cultural Heritage
    Adam Małysz is already regarded one of the legends of Polish sports. In Wisła, which is the home town of this ski jumper, there is a real find for every fan. This is the Adam Małysz Gallery of Sports Trophies. In a few rooms of the building at 48a 1 Maja Street, Crystal Balls of the four-time World Cup winner, medals of the World Championships and the Olympic Games, trophies, sports equipment, a ski suit, and memorabilia of the champion form Wisła are on display.
  • Cultural Heritage
    Węgierska Górka
    In 2009, six monumental wooden sculptures of robbers were erected at the promenade in Węgierska Górka, forming the so-called Alley of Brigands. It is a reminder and an original promotion of brigand traditions, closely connected with the history of the region. The sculptures form a gallery, which is unique in Poland, of the characters of the famous brigands and presents the history of brigandage in the lands of Żywiec. The sculptures were by folk artists who came to the Beskids from all over Poland.
  • Cultural Heritage
    Istebna, one of the most popular holiday destinations, has been lucky to host distinguished guests who - attracted by her beauty - remained here for their whole life, enriching local culture. This was the case of Ludwik Konarzewski Sr., a prominent artist, who started his family’s relationships with Istebna. We can learn more about the history and work of this extraordinary family by visiting their home workshop and gallery located on the hill of Bucznik. On the premises, there is a wooden chapel of the Konarzewski family built in 1923 as a votive offering for the return from Siberia.