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Śladami Stroju Cieszyńskiego 1.2

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Śladami Stroju Cieszyńskiego 1.2

The main way of travelling
Difficulty level Travel time [min]
walking easy 390,00 [min]
Detailed route parameters
Total distance [km]
Total uphill distance [km]
Total downhill distance [km]
Total flat distance [km]
Total uphill altitude [m]
Total downhill altitude [m]
Minimum altitude [m.a.s.l.]
Average altitude [m.a.s.l.]
Maximum altitude [m.a.s.l.]
Trail length: 25,7
Trail length in the Silesian Voivodeship: 25,7

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There is a place at the Polish-Czech border, where a man talks to bees. This " Bees' Town" of Jan Gajdacz is situated between Dzięgielów and Leszna Górna, in the commune of Goleszów. For many years, Mr. Jan has been on friendly terms with the local bees. He builds unusual hives for them, which take shape of a cottage house, a mill, a town hall, a church and a windmill. It is a charming place, a real town - but it is not inhabited by people, but by bees.
The castle in Dzięgielów lies on the eastern edge of the village, amongst very high, forested hills of the north-western part of the Silesian Beskids. The current Renaissance building was not the first stronghold. During the excavations, the traces of an earlier, medieval fortified settlement were uncovered here, which served primarily residential and defensive purposes. The archaeologists have uncovered fragments of walls and foundations of the circular building, which was probably a tower.
Cisownica is a picturesque village situated in the northwestern part of the Silesian Beskids, amongst low hills, which form the edge of the mountain range. In 2001, thanks to the efforts of the Association of Lovers of Cisownica, a regional chamber "U Brzezinów" was opened here. It is located on a hillside named “Goruszka” and collects a variety of traditional furniture, clothes and everyday objects used several decades ago.
The church of Saint George in Puńców is one of the oldest in Cieszyn Silesia - the nave was built in the first half of the sixteenth century. The builders of the sanctuary followed the Gothic aesthetic. And despite the passage of centuries, the church in Puńców remains real treat for lovers of this style. Especially captivating is the interior, with a vaulted palm ceiling, supported by a single column. A similar solution was applied on the Polish territory only in the church of the Holy Cross in Kraków.
"Open-air Museum in Puńców" is a private initiative of Andrzej Lacel, a resident of the charming village located in Cieszyn Silesia. In the building especially erected for this purpose, over a few years, Mr. Lacel has amassed a large collection of items depicting everyday life in the countryside of Cieszyn a hundred years ago. The collection prides itself on unique carriages, britzkas, sleighs and wagons, carefully restored with the help of a professional wheelwright.
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