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Szlak Starówek 6.1

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Szlak Starówek 6.1

Główny sposób pokonania trasy
Poziom trudności Czas podrózy [min]
walking 1230,00 [min]
Szczegółowe parametry trasy
Całkowity dystans [km]
Całkowity dystans podjazdów [km]
Całkowity dystans zjazdów [km]
Całkowity dystans po płaskim terenie [km]
Suma podjazdów [m]
Suma zjazdów [m]
Minimalna wysokość [m n.p.m.]
Średnia wysokość [m n.p.m.]
Maksymalna wysokość [m n.p.m.]
Długość szlaku: 81,9
Długość szlaku w woj. śląskim: 81,9

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The palace called Bogumiński Castle stands in Chalupki, a village located on the southern tip of Silesia, at the Czech border. The Baroque building, which, nevertheless, dates back to much earlier times, is situated a few hundred meters from the border bridge over the Oder River. For some time, the palace belonged to the Rothschilds, a famous family of European Jews, whose name in the nineteenth century was synonymous with wealth.
Łaziska is a village located not far from Jastrzębie-Zdrój and Wodzisław, at the border with the Czech Republic. It is one of the oldest settlements in the region. On a small hill, in the picturesque surroundings of old oaks and chestnut trees, stands the parish church of All Saints. It is dated to the sixteenth, or even the fifteenth century. It is considered to be the most valuable among wooden churches in the country. It is located on the Wooden Architecture Trail of the Silesia province.
Workers’ settlements with characteristic multi-family houses called “familoki” are one of the hallmarks of the Upper Silesian architecture. Interestingly, you can find them both in Katowice, the Silesian capital, in Chorzów or Gliwice, as well as in smaller towns and even in the countryside. Nearly a century old houses can be seen in the Colony “Fryderyk”, in the south of the voivodeship, just near the border with the Czech Republic,. It is true that coal was mined here for only a few years, but the houses have remained.
Conciliation crosses are very interesting examples of the functioning of medieval criminal law. A few can be found in the area of Wodzisław. Two of them are located in the small village of Rogów. The cross called "Maltese” is characteristic for its shape. It resembles the Cross of the Knights of Malta, who were once present in the Silesian principalities. The other one is distinguished by the fact that in the course of time, it lost one of the arms.
Turza Śląska
In Turza Śląska, a small village in the south of the voivodeship, near the Wodzisław Śląski, is the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima, which attracts thousands of pilgrims from all over Poland and abroad every year. The faithful come here, among others, for the Nights of Penance and Reward (from 29th to 30th of each month) and for the Day of the Sick (13th of every month). It is one of the youngest places of pilgrimage in Silesia. The local church was built shortly after the Second World War.
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Wodzisław Śląski
Restauracja Mustang zaprasza na smaczne obiady oraz inne dania. Istnieje możliwość organizacji imprez okolicznościowych.
Wodzisław Śląski
Alpejska Chata w austriackich Alpach swój początek miała. Chcąc przybliżyć państwu atmosferę Styrii serwujemy potrawy z tego regionu. Dla osób z tradycjami proponujemy również nasze rodzinne dania.
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