Дата добавления: 14 сентября 2015

Fried beets


  • 75 dkg of beets
  • 4 dkg of fat
  • 2 dkg of onion
  • 3 dkg of flour
  • 25 dkg of sour apples (or cucumbers, rhubarb)
  • salt
  • sugar



Peel and crumble boiled or baked unpeeled beets. Add the fat roux with onion and flour, season with salt and sugar, add the apples grated thickly. There can be sour cucumbers or young rhubarb added instead of apples. You can sour the beets with beet sour, sour cucumbers juice, lemon juice, citric acid or wine vinegar.




This meal was prepared by the Country Homemakers’ Association from Udórz during 5th “Silesian Tastes Festival 2010” in Złoty Potok.