Дата добавления: 8 июля 2014

Pierogii - Cabbage and mushroom dumplings


• 500 g sauerkraut
• 200 g dried mushrooms
• 2 onions, salt, pepper, 100 g smoked bacon

• 3 cups flour, some preboiled water
• 2 eggs




Carefully rinse the mushrooms clean, leave them for one night to soak in water. Boil them in the water they were soaked in, drain off and mince them in a mincing machine (the stock may be used to make soup or sauce). Boil the cabbage in a small amount of water and keep covered until the moment of boiling. When it stars boiling, remove the cover for a while, then cover again and stew. Peel and finely dice the onions, fry until golden brown. Drain the cabbage well, then, mince or chop it finely, add the fried onions and mushrooms, season with salt and pepper and mix.


Mix the ingredients together and knead into a dough, roll it out thinly, and cut out pierogi with a cutter. Form the pierogi with the stuffing in the center. Boil in salted water. Fry up some bacon with onions and pour over the dish of pierogi.



This meal was prepared by the Country Homemakers’ Association „Łośniczanki” from Zawiercie during the 2nd „Silesian Tastes Festival 2007” in Cieszyn.