Update date: 3 June 2009
Author: rafal

Success Team "Istebna"

The main prize went to the Regional Team "Istebna" during the sixteenth Children's Song to them. Adolf Dygacza "Silesian Singing." It is the largest review of folk songs in the province of Silesia.

The competition took place in three stages. First, in 11 localities (Cieszyn, Laziska Superior, Lubnia, Koszęcin, Katowice, Zawiercie, Suszec, Lędziny, Czerwionka - Leszczyny, Ruda Slaska) district eliminations were held, attended by over 200 operators implementing (bands, singing groups, choirs, duets and soloists) Istebna "she sang on April 15 in Cieszyn.

Final Review, which involved 70 teams, was held May 12 in the Municipal House of Culture in Piekary Śląskie.

Jury: Jadwiga Masny - Chair, Janice Dygacz, prof. Synowiec Helena, Magdalena Banach - Makaruk, Isabella flares, Joseph Wierzgoń, Tadeusz Wit, Krzysztof, and Krzysztof Dziewiecki Anczyk take into account: the choice of repertoire, dialect, vocal qualities, accompaniment, costume, choreography and general artistic.

Announcement of the results was presented at a gala concert on May 30, 2009 at the headquarters of Song and Dance Ensemble "Śląsk" in Koszęcin.
After a long and stormy session, the jury decided to award a major award: Grand Prix of Silesia in the form of statuettes singing "Szczyglika" and a financial award of Silesian Voivodeship in the amount of 3,000.00 zł Regional Team "Istebna from Istebna.

The Director handed out a team prize ZPiT "Śląsk" - Adam Shepherd, President of the Upper - Joseph Buszman and Deputy Marshal of Silesia - Zbigniew Zaborowski, the team announced the show was the marshal, and now an MEP - Jan Olbrycht, and one was a former prime minister congratulating - Jerzy Buzek.

After the performance, "Istebnej" a program of songs of patriotic and national dances performed ZPiT "Silesia" and one of the additional prize for "Istebnej" will be a joint concert with ZPiT "Silesia", which is scheduled for Oct. 3 at the House of Music and Dance in Zabrze.

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Source: Tadeusz Papierzyński,