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Event date: 19 March 2011

Jam with the Symphony Orchestra

Jam on stage DMiT-u will host not the first time, but the first time accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra there under the direction of Andrew Marko and Resonance Con Tutti Choir.
.The first mention of this band can be found in 1973.Jam Group was founded in Tychy, and was founded by brothers Adam and Ben bran and Paul Berger and Alexander Wojtasiak.In December of that year they were joined by Richard Riedel.In the years 1973-1979 the activity was very irregular formation, and until 1980.had the status of amateur.In 1980 the group received first prize at the Festival of Amateur Music Bands in Tychy.Over the next few years the band toured a lot and took part in many major festivals, and almost from the beginning had a very large group of fans, so you could always count on the full meeting and the warm welcome.Consistent performance, and perfected workshop jam still managed to convince the critics initially reluctant.
With the recent significant events the group must take note of their 30.Currently the band is considered one of the biggest stars of the Polish rock scene.birthday, which celebrated the October 3, 2009 in Katowice, as well as performance in the role of the bracket before the concert AC / DC Bemowo 27 May 2010 r.During the concert, the band will be awarded Gold Record for the most recent album, "Muse".In 1994, he died of lead singer Richard Riedel (now sings in a band Maciej Balcar), and in 2005 the keyboardist Paul Berger (his successor was Janusz Borzucki).We cordially invite you!
.But it was not always so good.

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