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Tychy nr 105

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Tychy - Papiernia

Rowerowy, Żółty szlak turystyczny prowadzący z centrum Tychów do Tychów - Papierni. Najważniejsze atrakcje turystyczne do zobaczenia w Tychach i okolicach: Tyskie Browarium (zabytkowy Browar Książęcy, muzeum Piwowarstwa), zabudowania Browaru Obywatelskiego, układ urbanistyczny socrealistycznego centrum Tychów, pałac myśliwski, budynek mieszkalny „Brama Słońca”, hotel „Piramida”, Park Miejski z tzw. „Żyrafą”, Kościół św. Marii Magdaleny, kościół bł. Karoliny Kózkówny, dawna huta w Tychach - Paprocanach, Jezioro Paprocańskie, kościół Św. Ducha w Tychach - Żwakowie.

The main way of travelling
Difficulty level Travel time [min]
bike easy 20,00 [min]
Other possible ways to travel
Difficulty level Estimated travel time [min]
walking easy 90,00 [min]
Detailed route parameters
Total distance [km]
Total uphill distance [km]
Total downhill distance [km]
Total flat distance [km]
Total uphill altitude [m]
Total downhill altitude [m]
Minimum altitude [m.a.s.l.]
Average altitude [m.a.s.l.]
Maximum altitude [m.a.s.l.]
Towns/cities on the road:
Trail length: 6
Trail length in the Silesian Voivodeship: 6
Voivodeships: Silesian

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There is a noteworthy bridge in Katowice Podlesie, which links both banks of the Mleczna river. Built in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, it is the oldest bridge still operating in the region. By the early 90s of the last century, it was still passable, but since that time, due to the threat of devastation by traffic, it has served only pedestrians. The small Mleczna river flowing here begins in the vicinity of the reserve “Ochojec” in Katowice, and it is a tributary of the Gostyń river.
"The tradition of brewing in Tychy goes back in 1629, which is marked in the beer label - under the crown prince. A modern brewery was built in this town by Duke Johann Heinrich Hochberg von Pless XI in the second half of the nineteenth century. It was later developed into one of the largest breweries in the Polish lands. The Tychy Brewery presents its history and today’s times .This is a combination of a modern museum with a tour of the modern facility and tasting a recognized brand of beer."
The City Museum in Tychy was established in 2005. As befits the industrial city, it is housed in the historic building of an old drying plant of grain stillage (spent barley grains) built in 1909 and located in the premises of Prince's Brewery of Tychy. The museum has organized several interesting exhibitions, devoted mainly to Tychy and its environs. This institution is a meeting place for people of culture and education and conducts publishing activities.
The hunting palace in Tychy is one of the buildings associated with the successive dynasties of the princes of Pless such as the Promnitzs, Anhalts, and Hochbergs. It was built by the former in 1685, and was later extended by the next family in the second half of the eighteenth century. The third of the families, the Hochbergs, founded the Brewery Park next to it. Today, the palace is privately owned, and there will be a conference center and a hotel here.
The Church of St Mary Magdalene in Tychy was built in 1780-82. It was the third successive church in Tychy, but the first one built of brick.  The oldest, wooden sacred building  must have existed  here as early as the sixteenth century. Its present form results from the rebuilding work carried out at the beginning of the last century.  The late-Baroque  church was significantly enlarged, and after some time  a tower with a distinctive helmet was added.
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Największy kompleks sportowy na Śląsku. Na powierzchni 10.000 m2 znajdują się: hala tenisowa, korty do squasha, fitness klub, siłownia, centrum rehabilitacji, Spa , Basen, 10 saun, hala sportowa, ścianka wspinaczkowa, boiska do badmintona, bowling. Ofertę dopełnia hotel, restauracja i pub w stylu angielskim.
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