Update date: 15 July 2014

Stewed pigeons or quail


Stewed pigeons or quails:

  • 2 pigeons or quails
  • 100 g pork fat
  • 50 g dried mushrooms
  • 50 g champignons,
  • 50 g onions
  • 200 ml cream
  • 20 g wheat flour
  • 200 ml poultry stock
  • butter
  • parsley
  • oil
  • salt
  • pepper



Wash and prepare the quails (pigeons). Roll the quail/pigeon meat with the pork fat and wrap with thread, season with salt and pepper. Soak the dried mushrooms, clean and peel the champignons, then slice them thinly. Peel and dice the onions. Fry the quails, add the poultry stock and stew covered for about 30 minutes. Fry the mushrooms with the onions, add to the quails and boil. Remove the quails after 10 minutes and halve them. Add the cream mixed with flour to the sauce and bring to a boil. Place the quails in the sauce, heat up and season. Serve with groats, young potatoes or boiled vegetables.



This meal was prepared by the restaurant “Karczma pod Lotniskiem” from Bielsko-Biała during the 2nd “Silesian Tastes Festival 2007” in Cieszyn. The Team won 2nd place in professional category.