Update date: 8 July 2014

Pork meat roll stuffed with blood sausage and poultry loin served on mashed potatoes and cabbage with Radziwiłł sauce


Pork meat roll:

  • 1,3 kg pork loin
  • 500 g buckwheat blood sausage
  • 150 g poultry loin
  • 200 g onions
  • seasoning (salt and pepper)
  • 0,2 l oil
  • 100 g flour

Panszkraut (mashed potatoes mixed with cabbage):

  • 1 kg sauerkraut
  • 1 kg potatoes
  • 40 g smoked bacon
  • 2 onions



Fry the buckwheat blood sausage with the chopped onions and season:

Leave the cool. Tenderize the meat, lay the buckwheat blood sausage and poultry loin in the center of the pork loin. Roll up the pork, fry and then stew until tender in a pot. When ready, place on a plate and prepare the sauce from the gravy, thickening it with flour.

Panszkraut (mashed potatoes mixed with cabbage):

Rinse the sauerkraut and chop it. Cook the sauerkraut until tender. Peel and boil the potatoes until tender, then mash them. Dice the smoked bacon and onions and fry them in the frying pan. Then blend all the ingredients together and season to taste.



This meal was prepared by the by Hotel “Villa Verde” from Zawiercie during the II Silesian Tastes Festiwal in Cieszyn. The Team won 3rd place in professional category.