Update date: 14 October 2013

'Kołocz' - Silesian cake with sprinkles



  • 1 kg flour
  • 20 dag sugar
  • 25 dag butter
  • 10 dag yeast
  • 0.25 l milk
  • 5 eggs
  • salt


  • 60 dag flour
  • 40 dag butter
  • 40 dag sugar
  • 1 yolk
  • 1 vanilla sugar



Sieve flour. Prepare leavening of milk and yeast, and pour it into the sieved flour. Beat eggs with sugar. Melt butter. When the leavening doubles in volume, add the eggs with sugar and knead, adding the melted butter. Knead the pastry until it is not sticky and add salt. Separately, knead all the ingredients for sprinkles. Put the pastry in a baking tin and cover with sprinkles. Bake until golden brown.



This meal was prepared by the Association for Restoration and Development of the Village of Stanowice during the 4th “Silesian Tastes Festival 2009” in Pszczyna.