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We invite you to an audio tour of Bielsko-Biała!
The city impresses with its location at the bottom of the mountains, its rich history and wonderful monuments. Bielsko-Biała started by merging two old towns. Therefore, we propose the first part of the tour to be dedicated to Biała with its beautiful town hall, the Evangelical church, spledid townhouses or a statue of… Reksio, an unforgetful character of cartoons. After the sightseeing of Biała’s attractions we urge you to stroll along the streets of the twin city of Bielsko. A hundred years ago, someone called it ‘ Little Vienna”. There are numerous impressive buildings with splendid town houses at the helm. During the walk, you’ll see the castle of the Sułkowski famly and the monumental church of Saint Nicolaus. 

So, let’s meet in Bielsko-Biała!

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