Update date: 8 April 2011
Author: rafal

Opening of the revitalized building, the Museum of History of Katowice

8 April 2011 year at 1916.2000 opening of the revitalized building, the Museum of the History of Katowice Street Nikiszowiec harness 4 in (free).

In September 2009, through the European Regional Development Fund and the Office of the City of Katowice, began a renovation of the former laundry and mangle.

.8 April 2011 year in the revitalized facility began its operations department of Ethnology Museum of the City of Katowice.For the inhabitants of the museum district will become a meeting place with history, tradition and modernity of Upper Silesia.

For visitors from other Polish regions and from abroad will be one of the most important points on the tourist map, you can visit the place and breathe the unique atmosphere of the mining district.