Update date: 16 March 2011
Author: rafal


Teams performing films are often hosted in Olsztyn, using the unique scenery of the castle ruins and the local island mountains.Jurassic landscapes can be seen "The Countess Cosel," according to the Demons of war Goya "and most famous of them," Manuscript Found in Saragossa.Another such film is' Mill and the Cross ".

.The long-awaited new film by Lech Majewski will soon enter the cinema.Because it's nothing but."Mill and the Cross" is a kind of experiment.Peter Bruegel canvas animated "The Way of the Cross".This work, realized in cutting-edge technologies (computer generation and 3D).The director shot him in the vicinity of Olsztyn in the Krakow-Czestochowa Jura and in the studio in Katowice, where he brought outstanding actors: Rutger Hauer, Michael York and Charlotte Rampling.

I was able to shoot your video anywhere in the world, but decided that it would be my family the region - said the director Lech Majewski rewarded and appreciated abroad, in our country known for such films as "Angelus" and "Wojaczek".FIlm is slated for release March 18.
Source: DZ