Update date: 16 March 2011
Author: rafal

Another traditional products

10 March.Together with our region there are 113 registered products.These are: the skinny jewa and kwaki / swede / rutabaga with Podbeskidzie.Further applications are waiting for entry.List of Traditional Products of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development entered a further two products from the Silesian.Thin jewa is a traditional soup prepared in Cieszyn Silesia.This is a soup with sour milk or buttermilk, served with potatoes or bread.71) indicates the source of the names of dishes: "Add to that the culinary creativity of the rural population went in the direction of combining very diverse products, and in giving dishes often ironic terms, such as thin jewa".

Sophia Szromba-drawn in the publication "Nutrition of the rural population in Silesia" (1978.

Swedes - a cross between turnips and cabbage - were grown from time immemorial, and it occupied an important place in the diet.The vegetable is rich in vitamin C., P..Swedes contains essential oils and glucosides suitable dishes peculiar taste and flavor, is also rich in precious trace elements.Glucoside gives the bitter aftertaste warzywu unique and is a potent bactericidal substance.An important advantage is its culinary versatility and ease of processing - you can cook them normally and steaming, add to soups, mashed suitable for salads and marinades.

Kwaki / rutabaga (regional names) is a vegetable grown in small farms in Podbeskidzie ie.Żywiec, Cieszyn Silesia and in the vicinity of Bielsko-Biala.Swedes have until the end of World War II filled the gaps in the diet of potato population living in these areas.

Rutabaga tubers, like potatoes, carrots, beets, parsnips, are easy to store for winter.This cooked vegetables prepared dish that thickened with flour or administered swedes and potatoes.

The simplest recipe for preparing the vegetables:

"Swedes Rinse, peel and dice the carrots as well as.Chopped rutabaga pour boiling water so that it is lightly covered, add salt to taste and a teaspoon of sugar.Cook, covered until tender.After cooking, the partial evaporation of water and thicken with a roux of flour and lard, boil again, stirring constantly, remove from heat and add butter, raw.Serve hot as an addition to meat ".Access the list of the Ministry of Agriculture is the confirmation of a high quality product from a particular region and characterized by the traditional method of production.

The right to affix to the Product List Traditional dishes are characterized by traditional, at least 25 years of manufacturing method, and whose quality or unique qualities and characteristics arise from the use of traditional methods of production.The project aims to promote traditional products and contribute to preserving the rural heritage and increase their attractiveness.Serves m.Others.Silesia Regional Government also supports the manufacturers producing traditional recipes.It presents the people of the region traditional food, and underlining the possibilities of developing the production of traditional food.

Silesian region is a leader in the number of products on the list.Traditional Products Fair, which takes place at the provincial finals of the competition "Our Culinary Heritage".As the first region in the country has introduced 100 products, and now again back in the first place (ex aequo with Pomerania).Both regions have entered the 113 .