Update date: 9 March 2011
Author: rafal

Zabrze experts will get a historic adit!

Zabrze provide the tourists the main key Sough, mining monument to the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century - tells "Puls".
Source: Puls
Under the tourists will move the earth by boat and hanging and Railroad train.

The route will be ready by the end of 2012.City experts will get the 2.5 km route, from the old inlet in the center of town to the mine museum Queen Louise.The investment will be divided into several phases and will cost 70 mln zł, of which 13 mln zł occur on city and provincial government of Silesia, and the rest will fund the European Union.It is an underground channel length of almost 17 km, which runs from downtown to Chorzow Zabrze, and which served to drain the mine and coal transportation by water.