Update date: 7 January 2011
Author: rafal

WOSP starts in Silesia!

19.00.Final Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity will start Jan. 9, 2011 r.The organizers will wait for you before the main gate of the Silesian Zoological Garden.Silesia! First visit Jurek Owsiak Zabrze Guido mine, and then will drive to the Provincial Culture and Recreation Park in Chorzow, where greeted with telewidzami across the country! Start - 9 hours.PROGRAM - stage in front of the Silesian Zoological Garden

  • Aneta Chwalba
  • Dariusz Niebudek
  • Jacek Łapot

9.From 2000 to 1915.00 - Start of social events
13.00 - Artistic performances Silesian artists:

Duet Karo
Mirek Jędrowski
Damian Marley
Karpowicz Family

15.1930-1920.1930-1917.30 concerts of the evening, the teams:

15.00 - JAM

17.30 - Pectus

19.From 2000 to 1920.30 - FEEL

20.From 2000 to 1918.Others.00 Ice Sculptures - Carving string METROPOLITAN SILESIA

10.00 dog sledding, Sleigh ride - a free ride for a donation to the GOCC; Stand
with rescue dogs

10.MORSiK, Sznupek, Adlerek, mascot of the Park.00 Fantastic Characters of Animation Film Studio in Bielsko-Biala, mascots supported institution m.

10.11.Others.00 "Light of Heaven" - in the concert band Feel the break with the participation of 14 fire engines with lights of all the Metropolitan cities of Silesia and fireworks

EVENTS - areas WPKiW

10.2000 Mini Amusement Park - a few carousels moved into the zoo

11.00) The team will play m GOCC.Others.2000 Match soccer stars - Representation oldbojów Silesia - Representation GOCC (side pitch at the Silesian Stadium.moris.

Source: www.: Dreszer Miroslaw Jacek Trzeciak, Jan Furtok, Marek Koniarek, Janusz Bodzioch, Dariusz Dudek, Radek Gilewicz, George DUSIK, Marcin Jaroszewski, Raphael Kędzior, Zbigniew Cienciala, Marek Szczerbowski


Fair commemorative prepared by a diverse assortment WPKiW "festynowym".chorzow.00 shows emergency medical services and the demonstrations Fire - performed by emergency services from Chorzow

Stands & beverage - a hot chocolate drinks, tea, coffee and waffles and other products served hot

Promotional stand presenting the Metropolitan,

.Waldemar and Thomas Fornalikowie, Dariusz Gesior, Miroslaw Mosór, Mirek Jaworski, Albin Wira, Piotr Lech, Henry Bałuszyński, Dariusz Kosel, Joseph Dankowski, Marek Piotrowicz, Andrew Orzeszek, Stanislaw Oślizło; and representation of Silesia, m.