Update date: 22 December 2010
Author: rafal

Katowice on camera - see the selected works!

Orgnizowany ended by the City of Katowice and the Silesia Region ZPAF, photo contest, "Katowice in Focus", inspired by the transformation of contemporary urban space Katowice and change in the perception of the city by its residents and tourists.
Photos submitted for the contest show Katowice in a different light than is commonly perceived capital of Silesia. Of the 60 top rated by the Internet works, 12 the most interesting, will be on the cards for the 2011 calendar year.
This work is currently selected in Internet voting can be viewed at the headquarters ZPAF Silesian District, on Św. Jan 1910 in Katowice. The closing ceremony of collective post-competition exhibition will be held on December 29 (Wednesday) at 18.00. Admission is free. - Silesian Voivodeship