Update date: 8 December 2010
Author: rafal

Promotion monograph

Artur Andrus During the concert, which took place in the theater. Adam Mickiewicz University in Cieszyn, was also the promotion of historical releases of Volume II of a monograph titled "History of Cieszyn Silesia from prehistoric to modern times."
Volume II has been preceded by the publication Fri "Silesia in prehistoric times," issued by the County of Cieszyn last year. Both positions are part of the planned release cycle of 6 volumes of the above-mentioned the name of "History of Cieszyn Silesia since the dawn of modern times."
The authors are historians cycle associated with the Cieszyn branch of the Polish Historical Society, working under the editorial supervision of prof. dr hab. Giles Panica.
In recent years, a team of authors studied, worked and participation Powered by vBulletin appeared in print source material on the history of the region, and then on the basis of its individual members have posted, to date, almost all, the historical texts. Issue of subsequent volumes of the monograph is scheduled for 2014. Under the plan released today includes the monograph, Volume II of Cieszyn Silesia medieval history to 1528. Subsequent volumes will include: Volume III - Early-modern era, IV - late-modern era, V - the period from the Spring of Nations until 1922, VI - the interwar period, the years of war and occupation, the period after World War II and the issues of sociology of the region and its culture.