Update date: 23 November 2010
Author: rafal

90 Years of EC Szombierki!

CHP Szombierki Bytom is one of six new buildings on the Trail Monuments. In the year of accession to the PCS facility is celebrating the 90th anniversary of the uprising.

POWER PLANT Szombierki started after the First World War. The investor and the owner was a German company Schaffgotsh Bergwerksgesellschaft GmbH belongs to the heir to property after Karl Godula - Silesian Cinderella "- Joanna and her husband Gryzik Count Hans Ulrich Schaffgotsch. According to an unconfirmed legend documents - originally it was to be the explosives factory, but eventually the object has been redesigned so as to serve the plant. The plant was opened November 29, 1920.
Tomorrow in the Power Plant will be the grand finale of the Jubilee Year celebrations of the object. On this occasion for fans of the facility will be prepared a special illumination lighting that will highlight his physique. Watch them will be from 12.00 noon till late. There will also be a great event to restart the four-sided clock on the tower, which will start to count the next minutes, hours and years of existence of the Power Plant.