Update date: 4 November 2010
Author: rafal

New objects on the Trail Monuments Woj.Śląskiego!

.In October, there has been a long-awaited event.Four years have passed since the official provide tourists a unique nationwide Monuments Route of the Silesian Voivodeship.The payment of more than thirty objects found so far on the trail, has been officially adopted as many as six new.Kosynierów 30.Last change in the number of objects on the Trail Monuments occurred
in 2009.Opening hours from 10.From 2000 to 1912.There is a possibility of visiting the facility tours (groups up to 20 people) with a supervisor from Monday to Friday.Finally, a group of objects that are not yet on the route was reinforced the next 6, which increase the attractiveness of the exceptional nature of Silesia, tourist product.Since that time, the Department of Promotion and International Cooperation of the Marshal Office of Silesia, received 26 applications wishing to object to the inclusion of the Route.Objects that meet most expectations for the historical value of the conservation status as well as the availability of tourism in the existing infrastructure, it was:
- Power Plant "Szombierki" in Bytom, ul.From 2000 to 1914.00 or 12.00 (after prior agreement).Free admission upon Home of the object: www.ecszombierki.en-us; Eve Petrymusz Telephone: (32) 283 45 02, gsm: 607 530 600 kroman @ zecbytom.Commodity.Contact information:
Christopher Roman Telephone: (32) 283 45 03, gsm: 607 917 428 epetrymusz @
- Glassworks Zawiercie in Zawiercie, st.hsg.Home building:
- Museum of Printing in Cieszyn, ul.Deep 50.Reservations: muzeumdrukarstwa @ o2.You can look at the process of glass melting and forming, decorating and polishing tools for manual glass, museum exhibition.Walking takes place during normal plant operation and the current production of crystal.The average length of visit: 1 hour.You can visit upon reservation only with a guide.Home building: or tel.695 217 850.: 33/851 16 30, kom.Apart from the historical lessons are offered workshops graphics, where the participant performs own form, which is obtained after printing print of his work.muzeumdrukarstwa.Peter Complaints 34 d.You can rent a guide.old wooden
- Shaft extraction tower "President" with the complex of buildings "Sztygarka" in Chorzów, ul.Contact Information: 32/249 59 92, Page object:, Sztygarka @ Sztygarka.The proposed itinerary includes sightseeing tours of the former mine site, from the tower exhaust Shaft President and nearby attractions, ie.Lawrence, ethnographic park, a fortified bunker Area Command Silesia and Reden Park on Mount Liberation.On the border of the Old Chorzów and former Royal Huta, in between the streets of Peter's Complaint and Tadeusz Kosciuszko is located in the historic tower of the old exhaust shaft, the President, "the now-defunct
- Mine tutorial Municipal Museum "Sztygarka" in Dąbrowa, st.Mining.: 32/726 41 65.Information, tour booking tel.The mine workings consist of three levels located on the ramps connected.At the lowest level available is a wall of coal on board, numbering 401.Home building: www.Tickets available at the headquarters of the Municipal Museum "Sztygarka", ul of the Polish Legions 69, Dąbrowa Mining.The historic workings with a total length of 800 meters, presents mining machines and equipment used in mining in the second half of the twentiethó
- Gallery "Power" in Czeladz (land mines Saturn) st.
The initiator of the creation of the historic building of the mine, "Saturn" Gallery of Modern Art, "Power" is the Association of cultural initiatives.Others.In the gallery are carried out various forms, m.Home building: www.Contact details: stik-Czeladz @ exhibition of paintings, prints, sculptures, photography, performances, new media, music activities.Quasi-theatrical activities are planned and multimedia, as well as for granting a new dimension to objects pokopalnianym.

.Monuments of Technology after the annexation of new facilities, there are 36 sites in the region associated with various industries.Due to the uniqueness
and diversity of each of the objects on the trail, it is a tourist product on the European scale, and enhancing the attractiveness of his picks showing the commitment of persons acting on his

Formal presentation of new buildings, handing out certificates belonging to the Trail Monuments and signing the Declaration of joint actions for its development, was held on November 4 during the conference at which objects were present, which entered the trail, the Marshal Office of Silesia and the Silesian Tourist Organization.