Update date: 8 October 2010
Author: rafal

Tyskie Brovarium lengthen opening hours!

From October 1 Tyskie Brovarium is the longest active tourist attraction in the region. Cruise Center at the Tychy Brewery serves Princes six days a week from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 20.00.
Longer opening hours will enable the brewery tour and the busy people who like outdoor activities, not only on the weekends.

- Tyskie Brovarium is a place that wholeheartedly recommend to tourists and visitors Silesia its "positive twist" to residents. This is one of the most important objects on the Trail Monuments - from the most interesting industrial tourism in Poland -
and also called. Anchor Point of the European Route of Industrial Heritage. Longer opening hours to increase the availability of the object, and thus its attractiveness. This allows more people will be able to see how it is brewed in Tychy clear - says Adam Hajduga, deputy director of the Department for Promotion and International Cooperation Office of the Marshal of Silesia.

The decision to extend the hours of operation associated with high popularity among the visitors Brovarium Tychy. In this way, the brewery will be able to visit more people.

- The signals we received from our guests that are interested in further exploring for hours. Many of us only finds time to entertain and relax after a day's work - says Cathy Wilcox, Head of Public Affairs KP SA.

In addition to convenient business hours Tyskie Brovarium offers its guests a beer trip, which runs on all the senses. You can listen to the curiosities and anecdotes, to see running at full steam plant and a 3D movie, and Tyskie taste straight from the brewery. Over the visitors ensure qualified guides who know the secrets of brewing and willing to share them.

- Yearly visits us nearly 40 thousand. guests. Oprowadzają optional guides in 6 languages, showing exhibits the largest collection of beer and the oldest continuously operating brewery in Poland. They present a "live" beer production process, which yields 8 million hectoliters
beer per year, and 60 thousand. bottles per minute is filled with golden liquor. The whole journey into the world of beer, along with souvenirs and tasting included in ticket price: normal in 12 and to reduced the zł 6 zł. Welcome! - Added Cathy Wilcox, director of Public Affairs KP SA.

source: press release Tychy Brovarium.